“Gun Death” More NYC Stabbings

Again, NYC, strict gun control:

Police officers trying to save a man who was being stabbed in Brooklyn accidentally shot and killed him, the city’s medical examiner said.

Police say that 51-year-old Rafael Laureano was killed by a bullet fired from a gun belonging to one of the officers responding to the stabbing at an apartment in Midwood Monday evening, police say.

The officers who shot Laureano allegedly saw a suspect stabbing the victim when they arrived and demanded the man drop his knife.

The cops opened fire when he didn’t respond to their commands, fatally hitting both the suspect and Laureano.

hard to say if the police indeed did make it worse. Studies show that stab wounds actually tend to be more deadly than gun shot wounds. Studies also show that NYC police are HORRIBLE shots.

Of course the antis won’t bother with this story, because the attacker only had a knife, and the bullets were carried to the scene by the only people they would allow to carry guns.


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4 Responses to “Gun Death” More NYC Stabbings

  1. Jay Hafemeister says:

    A contributing factor to NYPD’s abysmall poor marksmanship is the 12lb trigger pull.

    Imagine picking up a gallon and a half of water with your index finger. Now do it smoothly without moving the rest of your hand.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’ve never felt a New York trigger Glock. I’ve certainly shot tons of revolvers with pull-weights like that. That being said the Massachusetts trigger on M&P pistols is fucking HORRIBLE.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Noo Yawk trigger certainly doesn’t help matters, but the real problem is “peace officers” who are unable or unwilling to shoot more than fifty rounds a year for yearly qualification, once a year.

      It’s software, not hardware. These “peace officers” should be walking a beat with a nightstick and a can of pepper mace until they figure out where the front sight is and what it’s for. Maybe fewer New York taxpayers would catch stray bullets. I think it’s worth a shot, if you’ll pardon the pun.

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