“Gun Death” Sick Boy

Ye Been Warned:

The boy’s reported statement to police is just as chilling as the alleged crime: A 10-year-old boy charged as an adult in the beating death of a 90-year-old woman offers this explanation, according to the New York Daily News:

“I killed that lady,” he reportedly told a trooper at the state police barracks. “I was only trying to hurt her,” he allegedly added to police.

It gets even worse, read the article ONLY if you have a strong stomach. Essentially this little snowflake was visiting his grandfather in a retirement home, and snowflake decided to wander into other resident’s rooms. One woman was not please with this and told the boy off. He savagely beat her, and she died.

“He was Only Trying to Hurt Her” doesn’t quite sound relevant given the details. He didn’t just shove her, and she broke a hip or something. What he did could have killed a healthy adult.

What kid of parents would raise a kid to be such a monster? So much wrong with this story….


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