In Case Your Missed It

There was a Squirrel Report on Thursday.

Besides the usual fun and games, Jay did some singing from the New Musical “Middle East Side Story”.

Also Breda put up her recipe for the wheat-Free pancakes….I need to try this!

So much fun!

Pumpkin Squirrel


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2 Responses to In Case Your Missed It

  1. mike w says:

    Been doing the “low carb pancake” thing for a while now. Works best if you do a 2 to 1 egg to banana ratio and then also add a scoop of your favorite protein powder to the batter. (vanilla usually) Helps things bind so the batter isn’t so runny, plus it’s healthier this way. A dash of vanilla extract adds flavor too.

  2. Franksterm1 says:

    Nice squirrel bunker

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