Interesting Story On Myths

Via Mrs. Weer’d a story on the Vaccine Myth…but frankly I think it works on gun control.

Go read the whole thing. I was talking with an anti on another blog, and he asked me “If Gun control is so wrong, why do people still argue for it?” and I pointed out the vaccine discussion.

This really explains it well…what it doesn’t explains how we can get these fucking anti-gunners and anti-vaxers to stop their tomfoolery.

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7 Responses to Interesting Story On Myths

  1. divemedic says:

    More people believe that dreams foretell the future, the lost city of Atlantis existed as an advanced civilization, ghosts haunt buildings and houses, and UFOs are spaceships from another planet than believe that vaccines work.
    Still, more people believe in vaccines than believe that natural selection is how life on earth reached its present state, the big bang theory, or bigfoot.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    I dunno if we can ever get rid of their “Tom Foolery.” After all, there are still a few Temperance Union Types out there. Maybe the best we can hope for is their Numbers to be reduced to a few Hundred (who have ZERO Political Power)!

    As for Bigfoot, I bet you that there has been more Legitimate sightings of Sasquatches in the past year than has been of .22LR Bricks! ; )

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Note for you kids out there: at one time, .22lr ammo could be easily, and cheaply bought in large quantities of 550-1000 rounds. This was known as a brick.
      You may occasionally see such a thing on a table at a gunshow for a few thousand dollars.

  3. Jay Hafemeister says:

    It should be noted that there is a big difference between the anti-gunners and the anti-vaxers.
    Anti-gunners want to take away self defense tools becauseā€¦ emotion.

    Anti-vaxers want to be able to CHOOSE to not have vaccines again becauseā€¦ emotion. I haven’t heard a significant portion of the anti-vax movement pushing to outlaw vaccines for people who want them.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That is a HUGE difference. Yep even the most rabid anti-vaxers are just trying to get the word out for people to not get their children vaccinated, or to delay the when the child gets the vaccines.

      There were a few that pushed for a ban of Thiomersal, because they belied the mercury content was the cause of the alleged issues…still most (if not all) vaccines don’t use Thiomersal anymore, and we can clearly see what that had done to the anti-vax movement….ie NOTHING.

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