I don’t know why people think Neill Blomkamp is anything to write home about. District 9 was fucking TERRIBLE, and I’ve heard nothing good about Elysium, even from Hollywood Commies who it panders to.

Also, for as much as I love the Alien series…it’s dead. I LOVE 1-3 (yes, Alien3 is awesome…I can even argue it’s the best in the series so long as you ignore the ending which breaks cannon) Alien Resurrection was interesting (mostly because the Crew of the Betty were essentially prototype versions of the Crew of the Serenity) but overall a failure, and for as much as I wanted to love Prometheus, it wasn’t good either.

I don’t see why warming over the past scripts will do it any good, certainly not with this communist hack of a director.

Tho in full disclosure, After watching Alien3, I thought the best solution to it’s messed up ending would be to make it a Hyperspace Dream….but honestly Ellen Ripley has seen and done enough, and should be left for dead.

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  1. McThag says:

    I’ve got an early draft of the 3rd installment’s script around here someplace.

    I think a couple character names and the place name of the planet are the same as the movie that was filmed and that’s all. I hear the wheels really came off when Ms Weaver decided that she wanted in on it and once she was attached she started demanding massive changes, not least of which being zero firearms. Remember, she’s a gun-grabber.

    Dumping her ass would be a good start to make a 3rd Movie reboot.

    Hell, even Darkhorse comics managed to make a GOOD alien vs predator story set at about the same time as the Alien series. That would have made a good film!

  2. Joe in PNG says:

    Some stories aren’t really meant to keep going. Aliens was one of the greatest sequels ever because it was not a straight remake of Alien. But, where do you go from there? The arc of Ellen Ripley is beginning to look more like a farce, and the whole Weyland-Yutani arc has been worn down to the nub.
    Time to put this horse out to pasture.

  3. Bob S. says:

    Come on, the possibilities for this series are endless. All we have to do is work time travel into the plot somehow and use the Terminator series model.

    How about Ripley encountering the 1st Alien after being in combat with the 2nd? Or Ripley from A4 coming back to help take out both the Aliens and the Predators in AvP.

    Or perhaps using the Star Trek model; would love to see Ripley taking on the Alien in Revolutionary War America.

    yeah, creativity in Hollwood is dead. Just about every story has been told and re-told.
    It used to be that I looked forward to returning to a decent story in a sequel; Now I generally view them as something to avoid. ( Star Wars Episode 1 as a classic example)

    • Archer says:

      Yea, Hollywood creativity is dead and gone. Everything we’re seeing now is a) a cinematic dramatization of one or more comic books (e.g. any superhero film based on Marvel or D.C. characters); b) a cinematic dramatization of some crappy “best-selling” novel (from Twilight to Fifty Shades of Grey? Really!?); or c) a reboot of an earlier film or series.

      To be fair, I quite enjoyed The Hunger Games, but still…. There are so many better sources of inspiration, so many better stories to tell, than we’re likely to see from Hollywood.

  4. Allen says:

    With some minor changes t alien 3, it would make the second movie irrelevant.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Have you seen the director’s cut of the film?

      For reasons McThag mentioned above, Fincher did not part ways with the Aliens production team on good grounds, so it was a rough production (wikipedia says there is a polished edition out there, but I haven’t seen it) and it is A LOT better than the theatrical release, and vastly different in many ways.

      • McThag says:

        And any version actually filmed is still very different than the first draft screenplay.

        Aliens 3 might be the best example of what’s broken in Hollywood. The first draft is what they used to convince the studio to green light it; then steadfastly made a different film altogether.

        Despite the numerous directors and producers cuts of Blade Runner, I am glad it came out when it did because it was before sequel mania started and we don’t have a 2 running around.

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