Romney Out

Willard Mit Romney is not running!

In 2012 I voted for Gary Johnson, I think he would have made a great President. Still he had NO Chance of winning, and I knew it. I threw my vote away. Why? Simple because a vote for Johnson was as good as a vote for Obama, and knowing Romney, he would have been a WORSE President than Obama.

Yeah, Obama IS HORRIBLE, but he’s lazy, feckless, and proved to be ineffective even with a Democrat Super-Majority behind him. Compare that with Romney, he may be a RINO, but in Massachusetts he was considered an ultra-conservative religious-right radical, and Massachusetts is ALWAYS a Democrat Super-Majority.

Romney had the cards stacked against him in every way, yet he managed to accomplish so many things in Massachusetts while Governor. Of course given that he’s a big-government authoritarian RINO, most of his resume is HORRIBLE for people like me.

Romney was dangerous, and I’m glad he’s out. Still I think this changes NOTHING for 2016. As I talked about here, the GOP is feckless, spineless, and deeply committed to the big government, authoritarian status quoe.

There are a few faces in the 2016 bench I like. I’m a Rand Paul guy, and I like Ted Cruz and Scott Walker well enough, but I just don’t see the GOP having the stones to take a chance on them when Chris Christie and Jeb Bush seem to be the status-quo RINO favorites.

I also see Elizabeth Warren as somebody who will do VERY well in the Democrat primary, and I think she can use Hillary Clinton’s paper-thin heir apparent status as a way to make “Progressives” feel even more “Progressive” about voting for the fake Indian.

She’s not a strong candidate on the national scene, tho…but what does it matter if another Romney-Like GOP candidate is fielded? Romney got STUFFED in 2012, and he had a MUCH easier campaign than will be had for the open seat in 2016. Democrats are GREAT on running against a phantom. The 2008 race was Obama Vs. George W. Bush. Bush wasn’t on the ticket, but “Progressives” aren’t bothered by facts. As stupid as the GOP is, they aren’t THAT stupid to fall for a similar ruse.

Still the more I reflect on this crushing loss ahead, part of me feels VERY good about things.

I was once a Republican, but I have since resigned from the party. I have NO horse in this race, I would vote for a Democrat, Republican, or 3rd Party with equal zeal, if I felt they were best for this country. Still when I get into the voting booth, it doesn’t matter if it’s a national, state, or local election, I vote like a Republican. Why?

Well, while I can talk a long game on how much I hate the GOP, there are several Republicans in every part of local, state, and federal government. I can’t say the same about Democrats.

This isn’t a bad thing for the Democrats, as a matter of fact, just the opposite. I dislike the Democrats on an individual basis for the simple reason that they are a cohesive party. They are ALL “Progressives”, some are more moderate, some are more extreme, and others like Senator Warren, and President Obama, appear to be straight-up Anarchists looking to topple the country because they have grown up hating what America is.

Still they are “Progressives”, all of them.

Meanwhile the Republicans are a splintered rabble of waring factions. We have the Religious right, we have the libertarian-leaning people, we have the Tea Party, and we have the Old Guard Establishment which really only seems to stand for itself.

There are really only two options, a 3rd party Revolt, like when the Republicans took the place of the Whigs as the opposition party to the Democrats, or we can have a platform shift like the Democrats did around the time of the Great Depression, shifting from what was the Conservative party (remember, Republicans are the newer party, and were for crazy liberal ideals like Blacks being people, women being allowed to vote, and other radical ideas) to the more modern iteration which was much more friendly to Socialism and Collectivism.

So first up there will NOT be a 3rd Party in the United States any time soon. Why not? Well look at your local and state Government. I think we can all agree that if a 3rd party is going to kill the GOP the way the GOP killed the Whigs, it would be the Libertarian Party. Can you name a Libertarian who holds a single elective office of consequence?

Sorry that would be step one. When I lived in Maine Angus King was Governor. His party affiliation is “Independent”, but when it comes to voting he’s a hard-line “Progressive” Democrat. That didn’t matter in Maine, he got NOTHING done as Governor, and will most likely see the same results as a Senator. See, even tho he’s “Progressive”, Democrats don’t want to play with him because he’s not one of their own.

The same would happen if by freak chance we elected a Libertarian President, even if this fictional President was more Bob Barr than Gary Johnson, the Republicans who are politically identical to him would treat him no different than a Democrat. Now look at Romney, Christie, and Jeb Bush. They’re all Statist, Collectivist, Authoritarians. They’re essentially moderate “Progressives”, yet Republicans are lining up behind them and cheering them on, even when they have virtually nothing in common. VIRTUALLY nothing, you see the only important factor is that “R” after their names.

So until we start seeing states getting Libertarians in seats of power, we won’t see any viable Libertarians in Federal Elections.

Still we ARE seeing a platform shift, it’s going many different ways, but it’s there. Now that is viable, and frankly I see nothing that will help push this shift more than yet another soft GOP candidate getting their ass kicked by an incompetent, unqualified “Progressive” Democrat.

Gee, now I’m the one sounding like the Anarchist…

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7 Responses to Romney Out

  1. Allen says:

    Things are going to get worse, before they don’t get any better.

  2. divemedic says:

    We will never again see a viable third party, because the game has been rigged. Elections are won and lost with money. The big money is the matching campaign funds that come from the Feds, but you don’t qualify for them unless your party gets 5% of the vote in a national presidential election. The only way to get money is to get votes, and the only way to get votes is with money.
    That means that the Dems and Reps have rigged the system so that the game is frozen where it is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was always a bit surprised by Mitt running in the first place. After creating the bureaucratic abortion that is Romneycare and signing into law an “assault weapons” ban even more onerous than the ones the Billary mob gave us, did he really think anyone outside the Volksrepublik Massachusetts saw any difference between him and Obama?

    Not to worry, though. I’m sure the Dead Elephant Party will find another feckless RINO to nominate, maybe even one further to the left than Romney or McCain. We will once again be given a choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

    We live in interesting times. And though I wish I were wrong, I don’t think we’re going to be voting our way out of this.

  4. Thirdpower says:

    I am fully confident the GOP will put up another squishy, spineless, OWG (Old White Guy) RINO to run next year. They’re only hope to win is if the the DNC puts up an equal disaster.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The GOP will, and the DNC will as well. Hell President Obama is highly unqualified for a mid-level management position in a medium sized company, yet he won a Presidential election TWICE!

      I predict Elizabeth Warren will be the next Democrat nominee, and likely the next President. Her resume is nearly Identical to Obama’s. So why do the bullshit DNC candidates win, while the Bullshit RNC candidates lose? Simple, the DNC has nearly their entire party rallying behind them because it’s “Progressives” top-to-bottom, while the Republican camp is deeply fragmented with only a small percentage rallying behind any one subset of candidates.

      Romney lost because so many registered Republicans simply elected not to vote for him (myself included), as well as many voters who swing frequently to the GOP side of the ticket.

      • Joe in PNG says:

        I’m pretty sure that any Dem, especially a more squishy, outwardly liberal Dem like Warren is doomed in 2016.
        There’s a strange cycle in current US politics, in that we seem to only be able to tolerate two terms of a president from any party. Note that an especially popular president can get someone elected (Bush in ’88, and Gore in ’00, almost), but those coattails are shallow.

        Prediction: Fauxcahontas will probably be gone before the Florida primaries. The interesting race will be on the Rep side, as this race will be wide open in a way not seen since 1968.

  5. Joe in PNG says:

    Nothing new under the sun. I was reading about McKinley vs Reed for the 1896 election, and yeah, pretty much the same old, same old.

    But that’s politics for you.

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