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You may have notice that I’ve missed a few “Gun Death?” Files entries, this is not for lack of materiel (I could probably do close to a year of posts just from the backlog in my email), but from lack of motivation.

Life has gotten quite hectic as of late, so I have given myself permission to break the cardinal rule of blogging: “Post something every day”, and a rule I’ve had for years on this blog “Make sure one of those things is a ‘Gun Death’ Story!”

I’ve been taxed for time, and honestly I haven’t been proud of my coverage of the latest stories listed, and due to my lack of time and desire my blog has become what I hoped it wouldn’t become the “Gun Death” blog.

Note I AM NOT CLOSING MY BLOG! I am rather proud of my little corner of the internet, and I want to keep it. Also nothing has changed with ME, I still get pissed at the same things, amused by the same things, and have a desire to share it with others. Also I’ve really gotten deep into podcasting, and I enjoy using this blog as a way to promote the various shows I’m involved with.

Essentially I’m changing nothing but the frequency that things happen here. I’m not sure if I can continue the serialized nature of the “Gun Death?” Files, but I will continue to add stories as I see fit.

That last part pains me the most over what is almost exactly 5 years I have amassed 1,859 stories under that topic heading. While there has been a non-trivial amount of work in penning every one of those posts, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my readers who share credit in the Hat Tip at the end of damn near every single one. I’m really upset that I have so many stories just sitting in my inbox, marked and ready to go that I may not use. That isn’t right or fair, and for that I apologize to all who have submitted a story past or present.

Things will settle down eventually, and possibly then I will indeed be spending hours and hours here at my keyboard banging away at news stories, oddities, and biological stories….or maybe I’ll just get this blog burned to disk and let it collect dust in a drawer somewhere as the URL returns to the aether.

I doubt the latter, but if you notice the blog is awfully dark, I’m OK, and everybody else is OK, I’m just doing other things, and will again return when my hobby looks more like a hobby and less like work!


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7 Responses to State of the Blog

  1. Kermit says:

    No worries. If you’re not posting, I just assume you’re interspersing “Mr. Mom” duties with whor… er, “guest-hosting” on various podcasts.

  2. Borepatch says:

    I feel that too, Weer’d.

  3. brian says:

    I still check in every day just about. Follow your posts. Good content.

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