Another Sign the Antis Are Losing

So Red Letter Media is a cool youtube channel. They do a show called “Best of the Worst” where they watch strange VHS tapes, often 20+ years old and debate which is the best and which is the worst.

This week they watched a 90s era Eddie Eagle video

What really interests me is they aren’t gun guys, and have a little bit of anti-NRA banter that reminds me of how I felt about the NRA back when I was anti-gun. Since gun control sounded good on paper, and I knew the NRA was opposed to the stuff, and I had never ACTUALLY heard or read any NRA media, I assumed they were evil, paranoid, and blood-thirsty.

So all that and we still have this.

Yep the “Gun Death” argument. “Are guns THAT big a problem??” Nope, they aren’t. They did miss the point that it was to make sure kids are safe under the worst circumstances of guns, which is some person accidentally (or foolheartedly) leaving a loaded gun around children without supervision.

Man the antis are doing a TERRIBLE job!

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  1. Joe in PNG says:

    And if one has not seen their Mr. Plinkett Star Wars Prequel reviews, one should go watch them.
    Pure awesome.

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