The Antis Really Are Stupid

All the facts aren’t yet known on the South Carolina shooting. Please take nothing here as news reporting. All information is presented on what the antis perceived as true at the time of the writing. First this:

Federal law prohibits people with pending felony charges from obtaining firearms. In February, **REDACTED** was arrested and later charged with felony possession of Suboxone, a narcotic prescription drug. He was released, and the case is pending.

Because of his criminal record, **REDACTED** would not have been able to buy a gun from a store. Federally licensed gun dealers are required to run background checks on gun purchasers, and Roof’s pending charges should have turned up as a red flag.

But **REDACTED** didn’t need to go to a dealership. According to his uncle, **REDACTED** received a .45-caliber pistol from his father in April for his birthday, Reuters reports.

I’ve read some conflicting data on exactly how the shooter acquired the pistol he used, still the author of this piece believed he got it as a birthday gift from his father.

Now first up this implies that his father had NO IDEA his son had been arrested and charged, and didn’t have any issues with drugs. I guess that’s POSSIBLE, but not exactly plausible. Further, most universal background check bills proposed by the anti-gunners have exclusions for family members giving to other members as a gift.

Really the biggest argument for banning private sales is that a total stranger at a gun show, or meeting for a Face-to-face transfer via an online ad doesn’t know the person they’re selling to. Immediate family DOES. Also I’m very interested about this monster’s family. People don’t just suddenly become a white supremacist, and if indeed his Daddy gifted him a gun for his birthday while he was all White Power, and pill popping, I kinda wonder if Dad was in on the anti-black indoctrination.

And from the Brady Campaign:

When we talk about solutions, we don’t spend enough time talking about the real things we can do to keep guns out of the hands of the people who commit these crimes. Solutions that almost everybody supports, like:

Expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales, so that felons, domestic abusers, and the dangerously mentally ill can’t walk into gun shows or go online and buy guns with no questions asked.

Did this killer buy his gun online or at a gun show? Did any other of the highly publicized spree shooters get their guns that way? Hell most of the shootings in this country are gang related, do those guys buy their guns online, or at gun shows, or does the criminal element already have an underground black market clearly established that will not be effected by any future laws?

Shutting down the 5 percent of “bad apple” gun dealers that knowingly do business with gun traffickers and straw purchasers and supply almost all crime guns in our nation.

Ok, first up the “Bad Apple” gun dealers are a lie. There is no evidence that the “Iron Pipeline” exists. The time-to-crime from the ATF reports is measured in decades not days or months like anything else trafficked. Really the “Bad Apple Dealers” are gun dealers who operate in high-crime areas (you know where you honest-to-god NEED a gun), and high crime areas have high instances of theft. Guns are commonly stolen property, alone with electronics, prescription meds, and jewelry. More guns stolen, more guns showing up at crime scenes sold from those dealerships.

If they WERE “Bad Apples” it would be easy for the ATF to shut them down. They haven’t, and it isn’t, and franly it’s slander….hence why you can’t actually find a LIST of any of these dealers anywhere.

Educating parents about the risks of unsafe access to guns in the home, knowing that nine kids are shot unintentionally in America every day and in more than two-thirds of school shootings, the gun comes from the home of the attacker or a relative — including the shooting at Sandy Hook.

And the Sandy Hook gun was locked up and acquired AFTER the shooter murdered his mother and stole it!

And last this:

It is an evil act. It’s the act of a “lone wolf” or is it? It was perpetrated by someone who should not have had a gun. His roommate said he had been planning this for a while. Why didn’t the roommate say or do something in time to stop him? Do we just shrug our shoulders when people talk like this and we know they have guns? What is wrong with us?

I dunno Joan, what’s WRONG WITH YOU! Why didn’t YOU do something to stop your insane and abusive brother-in-law before she murdered your sister and her boyfriend???

Frankly, if this story is true, and Roommate knew the killer was a white supremacist, had plans to commit murder, and illegally owned a gun, he SHOULD have turned him in. But that’s easy for me to say, as nobody close to me has ever done anything remotely like this. Still Joan says it pretty easy when SHE DID THE EXACT SAME THING! AMAZING!

Yep these are the people we should throw down our arms for!

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  1. The_Jack says:

    And if it *was* a father to son gift…. well apparently whole bunch of states’ “Universal Background check” laws exempt that transfer.

    As did the proposed 2013 Toomey-Manchin.


    As for the gun show….

    Well CNN Wire is pushing the “close the gunshow loophole!” line.

    While stating the perp went to an FFL directly.

    Yeah, they really don’t care about facts.

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