The Obama Care Lie

It’s still going on!

The whole point of Obamacare was to get more people with health insurance.

I guess at it’s heart that’s not a bad thing (tho honestly I think people should be paying for their VERY BASIC healthcare, their checkups, their teeth cleaning, their booster shots, and their basic medical tests, and insurance should be reserved for MAJOR life events that are unpredicted, such as a catastrophic injury, or a discovered or developed medical condition)

But having a $10,000 deductible is called “catastrophic care”, and PRE Obamacare, these were the cheapest policies available, and I’d note, the best ones for young healthy individuals.

But now it’s MORE expensive than the ideal policies for aging unhealthy people, so the healthy people no longer have money to save while they enjoy their good health.

That’s really called “not being insured”.

And this is what’s called “Progressive”, hence why I ALWAYS use that word in quotes.

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  1. Divemedic says:

    That’s why I don’t have insurance. The premium I would pay for an Obamacare plan is $300 a month for a plan with a $6,000 deductible. That means that I would have to pay $9,600 a year before insurance paid a dime.
    The tax (SCOTUS says it isn’t a fine) for the tax year 2015 for not having insurance is 2% of your yearly income over $10,150, up to a maximum of the national average premium for a Bronze plan, which is $2,484 for 2015. This means that I would need to make $134,700 or more to pay the maximum tax. Even then, I would need to have more than $8,484 in medical expenses before I would be on the losing end of that deal.

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