AG Healey Knows She Broke the Law

She’s running the clock out as long as possible. Can I be wistful and hope her stupidity will mark the end of the Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban?

Maybe not, but it gives me the warm fuzzies.

Thanks to GOAL

more info on the case here

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3 Responses to AG Healey Knows She Broke the Law

  1. Oddball says:

    For those of us playing at home, what is the FOIA she’s ignoring?

    • Phssthpok says:

      IIRC it has to do with her unilaterally re-defining previously recognized legal firearms as ‘assault weapons’ under the existing ban, thereby making many folks insta-felons.

      Maybe there should be another clock counting down to the inauguration and the time when Trump will have authority to direct the FBI to open an 18 USC 241/242 investigation into her actions.

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