And Now For Some Anti-Gun Derp

So most of the time now, when I’m talking guns I’m doing it in podcasts….but sometimes when you see some really lame text articles, text is the way to fly!

So first up we have this….well this:

No, you can’t carry concealed weapons into our child-proofed, gun-free home

Yep, that’s the title! Let’s dive in!

Let me be clear: I do not care what adults decide to do in their spare time. If that involves target shooting at the gun range or having a carousing night out at the local bar, I simply don’t care. (I just hope the two activities aren’t combined.)

But let me follow that by saying that I do care what my children are exposed to and I certainly care what happens in my home. My curious children freely play in a home environment I have worked hard to ensure is safe. To that extent, I am adamant about keeping guns outside our doors.

My husband and I decided when our first son came home with us from the safe little hospital where everything was pastel and rubbery that we were going to keep all guns far away from our house. We’ve read the statistics on how many toddlers are killed (or kill others) by accidentally finding loaded guns. Since I am supposed to do everything in my power to keep life-threatening risks to my kids down, I figured keeping guns away from them was a good start.

Ok so let’s lead strong….BULLSHIT!! So first have a Look at the CDC data: Firearms don’t even factor in until teen years, some of that is suicide, but a big piece of that is gang recruitment. Our lovely author lives in lilly-white central New York, so probably not too much of a concern there. But look at those OTHER injuries: Motor Vehicle deaths are the big one for young children. Does she own a car? Does she drive? Does she live near a public road?? Wayy more of a risk than a gun….but of course that’s also not political issue. Drowning is pretty big, Pool? Bathtub? Toilets?

Who knows how locked down her house is…my sister-in-law had safety locks on the toilet seat lids….those sucked, and we never adopted those. We have gates on our stairs, but a gate is only as good as you use it…LaWeer’da has walked past an open gate and taken stairs on her own…I don’t like it, and try to avoid it, but she’s pretty good at it now.

And of course that auto death both involves toddlers darting out into traffic, or playing kids getting backed over, but also getting into a traffic accident while transporting your wee little one.

Again, all these points are more valid, but less politically charged! You’ll see a theme here.

Surprisingly, despite living in a relatively safe and sheltered suburban community, this has been harder to accomplish than I thought. As of a report from July 2014, the number of Americans with a permit to carry a concealed weapon was a staggering 11.1 million. What are the odds that one day a new friend of ours is going to come for a playdate with a gun (legally) hidden in their diaper bag? With numbers like that, the odds are not in our favor.

So first we have the cute little slippery slope of anti-gunners. In 1993 the antis told us we needed to do background checks at FFL sales. Today they tell us that panacea is no good, and we need to OUTLAW private sales so ALL gun transfers come with a background check.

But now this lovely snowflake says even if you pass a background check, and even have training, NO you’re still no good and not safe. See a pattern here? Also Gun hidden in a diaper bag? I’m sure SOMEBODY is that stupid…but….yeah seriously, she said that!

Even quite a few of our family members have surprised us by becoming gun hobbyists in the past few years, owning Smith & Wessons they received permits to have on them at all times. Luckily, my husband and I are on the same page and our family members have respected our decision. It has been pleasantly easy (and we deemed it necessary) to have conversations with our kin. But it is not so easy to talk about this with the mommy’s group I invite over for a playdate or the plumber coming to check my toilet.

So she starts out reasonable, finds out family members have guns and carry….so she asks them not to carry at her house. Whatever gets you through the night. Still the Mommy group or the plumber? How well do you know these people. You might have known your plumber for years, and you might be best friends with the mommy group….in which case just talk to them…if you don’t, why are you giving them all the trust in the world??? Keep an eye on strangers in your house and near your children. Not because everybody is a creeper, but because the PERSON if they ARE a creeper will be a much bigger threat to your kids, and to you, than somebody with a CCW and a gun.

What we haven’t discussed as a community, what has been affecting my family in a real way, is when visitors bring a concealed gun into our house. They do so legally but sometimes we aren’t even aware until much later, sometimes I fear we are never aware. The horrible situation my mind concocts of children rifling through a bag and discovering a loaded shiny object that I didn’t realize was on my property frightens me.

Translation: I will be frightened and hysterical about ANYTHING! If I have no reason, I will INVENT one! Who knows if people have been carrying in your home without your knowledge. If you never found out, I guess it isn’t a big deal, huh? And again, there is some legitimacy to a kid rifling through a bag with a gun. Us in the firearms community are doing our best to warn against the dangers of off-body carry and letting people know they should really be carrying ON body (like in a belt or pocket holster) or if they do carry in a purse or bag, it’s ON BODY, ie that purse is ALWAYS on your arm, preferably across your shoulder and in your direct control.

If you’d stop screeching about imaginary boogie men and helped us educate the populace we’d be safer….but again, not as politically charged….

After seeking ways I could make our house rules clear and enforceable, I was hopeful I could simply post a “no weapons allowed” decal on my front door. That would make my intentions clear while simultaneously avoiding awkward situations. It was the ultimate passive way to accomplish what I wanted. But what I have read is that this is not necessarily legally binding and may not even be honored. In fact, during my research, I found many recent articles from gun activist groups advocating that such decals be actively ignored.

We’ll touch a little bit on the “Binding signage” in a second. Still who would be so stupid to declare on their own home they are a Gun Free Zone, and criminals will get zero resistance from the grass-eaters inside….oh

Since my home is my private property, I do have some rights, of course. For example, if I discover that there is a concealed weapon in my home, I am free to threaten the carrier with trespassing charges until they leave. But even that isn’t necessarily guaranteed: it requires me to know they have a gun first of all and there seems to be some confusion about what is legally appropriate if the person still refuses to leave (not to mention they are armed and I am now in an altercation with them).

Again, this is all you need. Of course she’s again being hysterical, because there are exactly ZERO cases of a property owner, or shop keeper getting murdered for asking an armed individual to disarm or leave…but politically charged, and fear-mongering.

As more Americans get their concealed carry permits, the best way I can find to navigate this issue is to ask anyone before entering our house if they have a gun on them. If they refuse to leave it in their car, I can refuse them entry. It won’t make me friends and playdates will now be incredibly more awkward to set up, but at least my home can stay gun-free for my kids. It is a big, ugly conversation that seems worth risking.

Implying that upholstering in the care is both SAFER, and smarter…..but again she’s not a rational human being.

Now from Big Daddy Bloomberg:

On March 16, an 11-year-old child in Queens, New York, found a loaded .380-caliber handgun under his grandfather’s bed and brought it to his elementary school. The following day, another Queens boy was arrested after brandishing a loaded .38-caliber revolver in a high school stairwell. The next week in neighboring Brooklyn, a middle school student was arrested after administrators found an unloaded 9mm handgun and two magazines in his backpack.

So first up this is in NEW YORK CITY! Really the current gun control capital of America since Chicago and DC have been stripped of their stupid laws by the courts. But hey, they actually link the stories for these guns.

First the “.380”:

The boy told police the gun belonged to his grandfather – Kenneth V. Miley, 54, of Queens, prosecutors said.

The boy said further that he had gotten the gun from under his grandfather’s bed and that he knows how to load and unload it, prosecutors said.

It’s a hi-point, not sure if it’s a .380 or a 9×19, the report is very conflicting. So it was Grandpappy’s home defense gun?

Miley allegedly told police the firearm was indeed under his bed, and said he had found it and was going to walk into a police precinct and hand it over, prosecutors said. Police allegedly found two rounds of ammunition under a bed at Miley’s home, prosecutors said.

Yeah right! No Grand Dad was likely a criminal, who had bought the gun on the black market…Funny how that works.

The .38?

A gun-toting Queens teen menaced a classmate Thursday with a weapon smuggled into their school — the second report of an armed public school student in just three days, police said.

….The 15-year-old suspect sneaked the loaded .38-caliber handgun into the building inside his bookbag and was spotted flashing the gun during an argument with a group of students, police sources said.

Sounds again like gang activity, but we have this gem:

Erica Ford, founder of the Life Camp anti-violence program, defended the teen suspect as someone who made a mistake.

He’s a wonderful young man,” she said.

“The character of this young man is not a young thug who carries a gun and wants to hurt people.”

I really get the impression these “Anti-Violence Camps” really just make the problem worse. Let’s see a 15 year old young man bringing an illegal gun to school to threaten people in arguments….nothing thuggish about that!!!!

The other case is likely more of the same with fractured inner city families and gang relations….but yeah the REAL problem is GUNS!!!!

We obviously need more GUN CONTROL….you know like New York City!!!

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  1. The Old Man says:

    I would tell the hoplophobic mental patient to get her very own TSA WandOSteel. And perhaps a metal detector/x-ray arch. That way she can ensure no icky guns enter her Camelot and go cray-cray on the snowflakes.
    God bless her kids. Hopefully they will grow up sane…

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