Gunblog Variety Cast: Ep 85

No cute title, just an eight followed by a five.

But does a rose by any other name smell less sweet?

**UPDATE** Ooops, it’s actually called “The Parkers do the Hot Brass Dance on Public Service Radio”….good title!

Adam and Sean host another great episode of The GunBlog VarietyCast.

Well, it’s great even though the bratty kid sister of the gunblogosphere, Erin Palette was off enjoying herself shooting a Squad Automatic Weapon and a silenced lever action .45/70 rifle. Presumably not at the same time. She will return next week.

Nicki Kenyon has worked her way through all the Democrats in the race, including Donald Trump, so she thought she’d talk about Ted Cruz’s foreign policy.

We’ve all seen that woman who shows up to the range in all the wrong clothes. Beth Alcazar is here to give you ladies some sartorial advice so you can be safe and ready to train on the range.

I always thought that listening in on fire and police radio was just a matter of buying a cheap scanner. Silicon Graybeard says it’s not quite so simple any more. There’s this thing called “Trunking…”

And pretty much everyone’s heard of Andy Parker, the father of the unfortunate Alison Parker, murdered on camera while filming an interview in Virginia. Andy Parker has tried to turn himself into the face of gun control, and so appeared alongside The Alchemist, Colin Goddard on CBS’s anti-gun program “Guns and America.” Well you know what that means. It’s time for another patented Weer’d Audio Fiskā„¢

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  1. Actually, yes there is a cute title.

    The Parkers do the Hot Brass Dance on Public Service Radio

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