Governor Baker Chimes in

Full disclosure, I voted against Charlie Baker in the last gubernatorial primary, but I voted for him both times he was on the general ballot.

I never thought much of him, he’s a Soft RINO, who’s considerably less scary than Willard Romney.

All that being said, he’s currently on my shit-list for his recent absence in this whole Assault Weapons Debacle with Attorney General Maura Healey. His initial statement shortly after her advisement letter went out was that of support.

At best this is ignorance of the scope of her reinterpretation, and the general radical nature of her action.

At worst it shows complicity.

I’m leaning towards the latter, as several days later at the Rally he neither made and appearance, nor had released a statement.

That being said, he is a political animal, and can smell when his self-preservation is on the line.

So he has now issued a statement:

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker wrote to Attorney General Maura Healey this week, saying there are “ambiguities” in her recent notice to gun sellers and manufacturers.

…”As elected officials, we must do all we can to protect the people of Massachusetts,” Baker wrote. “Keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of those who wish to do others harm is a priority we share. At the same time, protecting from prosecution responsible gun owners who followed the rules in the past and ensuring there is clarity when it comes to enforcing gun control measures such as the assault weapons ban are essential to fair application of the law.”

Not great, but at least I can say the ONLY statements out there have been ones of opposition. The AG office has been stone silent since the press conference a week ago, as have the anti-gun organizations.

The fact that there isn’t an article of this massive move for gun control on Bloomberg’s The Trace tells me the powers that be in the gun-ban movement know that this isn’t going to last, and a political victory has 1,000 fathers, and a political defeat is an orphan.

Hopefully I’m right.

**UPDATE** I was wrong, this idiot, is the sole fool to hitch his wagon directly to this turd!

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