Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 102: HEAT DOME!

The show’s up!

Bust a deal and face the wheel with us as we enter the HEAT DOME! Two podcasts enter, one podcast leaves!

Who run Podcast Town? WE RUN PODCAST TOWN!

This week Beth tells us about a special someone’s first time at the range: her 12 year old daughter.
Sean takes a closer look at the story “2 in Fuquay-Varina wrestle AR-15 from man during dispute.”
Barron gives us his thoughts on how some computer techs are treating Tiffany’s computer problems.
In the main topic segment Sean and Erin discuss the “hack” of the DNC emails, and how the Democrat Party is responding to Trump’s invitation to the Russians to release any Hillary emails they might have.
It’s hot. There’s a Heat Dome. (HEAT DOME!) How does that affect what you carry? Tiffany gives her thoughts.
Are you really prepared if you don’t have any way to provide emergency medical care? Erin give us some ideas on small, easy to carry blowout kits.
The Massachusetts Attorney General held a press conference and unilaterally declared Assault Weapons Ban-compliant rifles to be illegal. You knew that Weer’d was going to do a Patented Weer’d Audio fisk (TM), right?
Our plug of the week is for the Archangel OPFOR Mosin-Nagant Stock.

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