Gunblog Variety Cast Episode 107

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Episode 107 – Budget Little Black Dress Rifles on Campus

Top coat, top hat, and does this rifle make our butt look fat? Just come a-running just as fast as you can to this episode of the GunBlog VarietyCast, because everyone’s crazy ’bout our podcast, man.

Ladies, you have that little black dress. Beth asks, do you have that little black gun?
Who kills a grandmother in a home invasion? Sean takes a closer look.
Have you updated your iPhone yet? Barron tells you why you should.
In our main topic, Erin and Sean talk about Walmart blowing out Ruger American Rifles for $200, and budget optics for your budget bolt gun.
Tennessee just started allowing full-time faculty and staff to carry concealed on campus. Tiffany reminds us that this doesn’t mean it’s a great idea to broadcast that you’re one of those carriers.
What is GOOD survival TV? Erin tells you what programs she considers worth watching.
Maura Healey goes on a local Fox affiliate for an interview. Is she lazy and stupid, or just a liar? In another patented Audio Fiskā„¢, Weer’d reports and you decide.
And our plug of the week is for the Parasol Protectorate and Finishing School series of books, both by author Gail Carriger.

Thanks also to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support. Go to to join.


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