Handgun Radio Does the Guns of TV

Don’t watch a ton of TV, but I do love me some guns, so when I DO watch TV I care about what the guns are.

So Join Ryan and I talk about some of our favorite guns that graced the Small Screen!

(one of my favorite actors, playing one of my favorite fictitious characters, carrying my favorite carry gun!!!)

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3 Responses to Handgun Radio Does the Guns of TV

  1. guffaw says:

    I LOVES me some Tom Selleck (an NRA board member) and Blue Bloods.
    As with the movie Air Force One, one leaves the theater happy, then remembers who the real president was (Bill Clinton, when the movie was made).
    Obviously, Mr. Selleck is not the NYPD Commissioner.
    Too bad for New York.


  2. Windy Wilson says:

    I enjoyed his performance as Eisenhower. I stopped seeing Selleck and saw Eisenhower in about two minutes.

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