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So I subscribe to this Japanese Cocktail channel. It’s 100% Japanese with no English subtitles or even instructions. In stead you get to watch the TECHNIQUE of these bartenders in the Japanese style. They are VERY methodical, which gives it the feel of Flare Bartending, but vastly more practical. Also I’m fairly entrenched in the Cobbler Shaker (the 3-peice shaker with the integrated strainer) while most of the Western bars use a Boston Shaker (the two cups that are press fit together).

Have a look:

AMAZING technique! Not sure if his jiggers are graduated with half-marks or if he’s free-pouring the partial measures. I just prefer to use my graduated jigger, or break out the whole set of double jiggers.

Also he’s granulated sugar, not syrup, so he first dry stirs the cocktail THEN adds the ice and shakes.

Also I REALLY like that technique of dabbing the bar spoon on the back of the hand to sample the drink. Really brilliant, and it looks WAYYY classier than the western technique of dropping sip stick into the drink and capping it with a finger.

Look at that shake, that’s the Japanese hard shake which supposedly chills the drink as well as a Boston Shaker. I personally use a bigger shaker than this to allow for more travel of the cocktail with the shake.

But I have my complaints with this drink. WAYYYY too much sugar for my tastes. Also totally wrong glass for this drink. A cocktail coupe is OK for a classic cocktail (I personally am partial to the classic Cocktail/ Martini glass) but he’s only filling that little coupe half way. He needs to scale up the drink or get smaller glasses. You don’t need to pour to the rim, but in a cocktail glass it shouldn’t be only half full.

Now just one smacked out of the park!

GORGEOUS clear ice!

Good ingredients, and great technique that shows he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

Good stir then he fills that rocks glass right up, and notice how that clear mega-cube just vanishes in the glass!

And the twist just shows he’s not playing around.

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3 Responses to Interesting Bartending Videos

  1. Spundanger says:

    Not to be pedantic, but it looks like powdered sugar which would dissolve more easily in a cold liquid than granulated sugar.

  2. Cool videos. I wasn’t aware of that YouTube channel. I just subscribed.

    My variation on the Old Fashioned is what is called the Omar Bradley in honor of the general. It uses a spoonful of orange marmalade with the bourbon. This is supposedly because Bradley couldn’t easily get oranges while in the field during WWII.

    Are you planning any cocktail tastings at the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville? Or distillery visits?

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