Luck Used Up

So due to all the travel, bad weather, and work being done on the house, Only today Did I get a chance to rake my leaves.

Found something interesting there:

That’s what’s left of an Eastern Cottontail. There were a few more bits scattered about, but those were the biggest pieces. except the foot, the other bits were all just discarded skin. Looked too clean to be a hawk, which we have a LOT of. After that, the only other things it might be is a Coyote, or a Fox. I found some scat nearby that looked like toy poodle turds, so I suspect it’s one of those.

Seeing the foot just lying there made me contemplate making my very own lucky rabbit’s foot , but I suspect this rabbit’s luck is all used up.

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2 Responses to Luck Used Up

  1. Loess says:

    Could even be the work of a housecat, one of ours isn’t great at catching them, but loves to munch on any that he can get hold of.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The fact that I found the foot, but no head suggests something with jaws strong enough to crush a bunny skull.

      The neighbors cat used to kill a dozen rabbits a year, and he just ate the tender bits, and I haven’t seen a cat as big as him recently.

      My money is on coyote.

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