Gunblog Variety Cast Ep: 121

Episode 121 – Armed Lutherans, Toy Guns, and a Man Without Pants

Pacifiers & Peacemakers – Kids, Guns…and Toy Guns
Felons Behaving Badly – Arrest made in shooting of man found walking without pants
Special Guest – Lloyd Bailey of Armed Lutheran Radio
Main Topic – CHP Reciprocity
Blue Collar Prepping – Delegating Tasks
This Week in Anti-Gun Nuttery – The Anti-gunners again try and inject their agenda in Hollywood
Plug of the Week – Operation Blazing Sword

Operation Blazing Sword’s mailing address – Send your tax deductible donations here

Operation Blazing Sword, Inc
c/o Erin Palette
800 Belle Terre Pkwy Ste 200 #302
Palm Coast, FL 32164-2316

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