Saying What We’ve Always Known

James O’Keefe exposes EXACTLY why Democrats are so opposed to Voter ID laws.

Back when I was a kid I had a friend who’s family didn’t own a TV set, I also knew a kid who’s family didn’t have a telephone in their house.

Today my 90 year old Grandmother has gone her entire life (and likely WILL go her entire life) without owning a cellphone or a personal computer of any sort.

Now I say those things to point out there are social oddities. There are exceptions, but only a few, of people in society who don’t own a television set, don’t have a cell phone, and who don’t have a personal computer of any sort (including smartphones and tablets); but these are oddities.

Hell I have a relative who works in a state welfare office, they deal with HOMELESS people, and they have smartphones. Some of them are so destitute that they don’t have a service or data package, but they still pull them out when they can get free wi-fi to play games and go online!

Even all of these common household items are rare compared to a state issued ID. Those welfare people? They have to show ID to collect. You need an ID to drive a car, you need an ID to board a plane, you need an ID to board Amtrak or interstate bus services. You can’t rent an apartment, a hotel room, or get a job. You need an ID to buy booze, Tobacco, and in some states marijuana. (Please note that many of the recreational/medical marijuana laws are NEWER than Voter ID, and the same politicians who are arguing AGAINST voter ID laws, are voting for marijuana sales ONLY with a positive government ID!

And because it’s a gun blog I will note that you cannot buy a firearm without a positive photo ID…PERIOD! You of course need ID to fill out a 4473 at a gun shop, but also try doing a private sale ANYWHERE without the other person asking for your ID. It won’t happen, even when ID isn’t stipulated in the law specifically, somebody selling a firearm is beyond stupid to not ask for ID. It’s a federal felony to sell to somebody who is not a resident of your state, and EVERYBODY has a state ID, and they have it with them RIGHT NOW, so why not ask for it.

And lastly, Democrats are the party of subsidies! If you can’t afford medical treatment, the government will pay for it. If you can’t afford a house, the government will pay for it. Now Democrats are talking about footing your college bill. Here if Massachusetts if you were poor the Democrats would give you a fucking CAR!!

There is nothing too extravagant that the Democrats won’t give you for free out of the pockets of people who get off the couch and go to work…..well nothing except a photo ID, and they are ALARMINGLY cheap. In Maine they’re FIVE BUCKS! For that price you just need to have the balls to COMPLAIN that a sawbuck is too steep and I’d give you the damn thing for free out of my pocket! In Massachusetts where EVERYTHING is more expensive….it’s still only $25 bucks, and don’t tell me with a subsidy program the Mass RMV couldn’t waive some of the graft and get it so the state is only paying $5-$10 for it!

No, Democrats oppose Voter ID laws because it gets in the way of them cheating at elections, and they can’t have that!

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