An Interesting Juxtaposition

Ok this is just neat. First up, Disgraced leftists “Journalist” Keith Olbermann who recently came out of total obscurity to somewhat obscurity doing leftist political rant to magazine GQ….because when you want politics you obviously turn to “Cosmo for Boys”.

Pretty Hilarious, Keith declares imminent victory and quits prematurely. Uh huh…more on that in a bit.

Still taking him at face value (no I don’t think you’re that stupid) the highest probability in his calculation of Trump’s “imminent” removal from office is the alleged “Russian Collusion”.

Now two days later (Coincidence?) James O’Keefe releases this Project Veritas Video:

Well isn’t that awkward. If you go to his channel you’ll see other videos where members of the Washington Post admit that Trump Coverage is based on hatred and rank speculation, rather than any news or evidence.

Really that’s just it, I wanted to write a blog post putting those two videos side-by-side. That being said, I have to talk about this peculiar final episode. Certainly if you’re a leftist, this is the best way to end a show…at least in the idea of having cotton candy for dinner is the best meal plan.

Since I’m a 2nd Amendment activist, I’ll go ahead and point out that, Like Olbermann’s statements, I think that the universal recognition of the Right to Keep and Bear arms as it is viewed in the vast majority of the country, and likely beyond certain restrictions we take for granted today, is inevitable. I think before I die, Carry permits will be a thing of the past, and things like Assault Weapons Bans, and Magazine bans, and Safety Rosters will be looked at the same way Sodomy laws are looked at, bygone crap from another age that some people took seriously for a while, and finally they were all repealed. And things like registration, may-issue, and FFL-only background checks will be looked at like the Jim Crow bathrooms. Plus I can’t imagine the way things are going people aren’t going to take a serious look at the pure stupidity of the NFA, not only suppressors being on them, but the foolishness of SBR, SBS, and AOW registration in a world that has arm-brace pistols, Shockwave “Shotguns”, and pistols like the S&W .500 Magnum.

Still you don’t see me stepping back on my work, Hell I’m charging forward. You might note you don’t see my words up here on the blog very often….I’m working on that, but really its because I feel I can reach so many more though podcasts, so the extra effort is going into that field.

The tide has been turning since the 1994 Assault Weapons ban woke up the American Gun Owner, and the victory was sealed with Heller and McDonald….but that’s not a reason to quit! We can always fall back, we didn’t get all these restrictions over night, and nothing was changed about the 2nd Amendment hasn’t been changed since the 18th Century. But violations were done, and we allowed it to happen.

And even more so, if Trump is going to resign soon, wouldn’t Olbermann want a platform to comment on it? Plus he references several times Nixon’s resignation….but he seems to recall Nixon’s presidency very clearly, but seems to forget the presidency of Gerald Ford. Think what you will about the Late President Ford, he’s the only man to serve as president having NEVER been elected, either as President or Vice President.

So in other words, not buying it….but that’s not a brilliant prediction. I think GQ just got sick of paying him.

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  1. Loess says:

    The tide turning means our work is more effective in moving the ball.

    Time to really push while we can make progress.

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