California, Do You Have ANY Idea What You Are Doing?

So the Illegal Alien Five-going-on-Six-Times-Deported was acquitted of the murder of Kate Steinle.

The killer is a straight-up drug dealer who keeps getting sent back to his legal home of Mexico, and keeps coming back, often in rapid succession. There’s some talk that he might serve some time here for parole violations, but no matter what he’s going to be sent back…and he’ll be here again, and likely be committing other crimes.

California, do you want Trump’s Border wall? Because this is how we get Trump’s Border Wall.

I’m not one of these open-border Libertarians/Anarchists. I think Border Security is EXTREMELY important, because if you can’t differentiate what is INSIDE your country vs Outside your country you no longer have a country.

That being said, Trump and his Wall is a half-backed red-meat-for-the-masses plot for election, and if it works (which I’m dubious) I highly doubt it will be cost effective.

But when you have a straight-up degenerate HABITUALLY violating our border law, using assumed names (likely obtained through identity theft) is selling the drug that is the wide-spread buzzword drug in our current national drug problem, AND he ends up killing an innocent woman, not just one of his fellow drug-dealing degenerates, this is a story that pulls on the heartstrings of most Americans, and it’s going to piss them off when he goes free.

Not good.

Also just like the complete prohibition on Heroin, California’s war on guns is as effective as their war on drugs.

He was acquitted because the Jury actually believes that loaded SIG pistols are just things you find in one of the most gun banning cities in one of the most gun banning states.

And the antis come back “But while California has heavy restrictions, Nevada next door has almost none”….well except the gun was stolen from a Cop who left it unsecured in his car.

Guess what, California, your state is fucking Broken, and that’s why I’m all for the Calexit, because I don’t think you’d ever learn anyway….so at least succession will cause your state to die a swift death.

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