Another Drink Butchered on Youtube

Thought I’d share! This is how to fuck up a drink!

Ok well first up he’s using Bombay Sapphire, which is a well made product, but IMHO a vastly overrated gin, but if you like it, you aren’t wrong.

So his first mistake is using GARBAGE ice. It’s small irregular ice, and it’s obviously half melted in that ice bucket. Maybe the studio lights make it hard to keep the ice frozen, but if that’s the case use your studio magic to conceal the shit ice.

You will water down every drink you chill with ice, it’s a scientific fact, but if ice is ROCK SOLID it means it’s BELOW freezing, and this means it will do the maximum amount of chilling before it melts. When your ice is a slushy mess, you might as well pour cool tap water in your gin.

Mistake #2 adding….then discarding the vermouth!

NO NO NO! This is not a martini. This is chilling gin with dirty ice! Not only is it not a martini, but it’s a gross glass of gin.

Mistake #3 Shaking the drink. Ok we can argue that there is nothing wrong with a shaken martini, and certainly if you got started on that form you might find it your preference, they are VERY different preparations of the drink.

Mistake #4: He cuts and twists his lemon away from the finished drink. When you cut citrus peels is releases essential oils. When you twist or squeeze that peel it expresses even more. When you do what he’s doing you’re ensuring your bar top is lemony fresh and your drink has a piece of garbage floating in it.

And last a little more pedant. Why does EVERYBODY make their martinis with lemon these days? I’ve had them, they are very good. Certainly I can see some people having a preference for them. That being said I LOVE my martinis with olives. So many cocktails have citrus in them, they have some angle of bright acidic notes. Not the martini, with an olive it’s crisp, savory, and with a hint of brine. With lemon it’s yet another cocktail, with the olive, it’s something exceptional.

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3 Responses to Another Drink Butchered on Youtube

  1. Oddball says:

    Heck, ignoring that a twist of lemon peel is *not* part of a classic martini, he even got that part wrong. You want to avoid the pith as much as possible, and, if you’re going to twist it, you do so over the drink as the last thing. The reason that you twist it is to bring the oils to the surface.

    What a tool

  2. Ratus says:

    Weerd, have you ever thought of using dry ice in cocktail?

  3. Borepatch says:

    I love me some Bombay Sapphire. With vermouth and olives.

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