Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 134

EP132 GunBlog VarietyCast – Condiments and Cutlery
In Mordor on the Potomac, only criminals can carry guns.

People are so fixated on being “Nice” that Beth thinks they’ve lost sight of the real goal: being Good.
When a suspect ends an hour-long standoff by shooting himself, is that a good resolution? Sean tells you who the suspect was so you can decide for yourself.
Barron is on assignment and will return soon.
In the Main Topic, Erin tells us about her trip to Maryland Shall Issue.
Tiffany is on assignment and will return next week.
It’s good for your tea and it’s good for hypoglycemia – Erin tells you about honey in your EDC.
When someone tries to open an indoor gun range in Northern New Jersey, the anti-gun nuts lose their minds. Join Weer’d as he listens to their proposed “Reasonable” restrictions.
And our plug of the week is for War Stories Podcast.

Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support.

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