Interview With the Man Who Took out the Texas Church Shooter

Just amazing, he’s just a regular guy who saw SHTF and took action.

Some of my thoughts on this.
#1 the time to load your magazines is NOT when you find out an active shooter is on your street. He ended this confrontation with one round in the magazine and one in the gun, that’s too close for comfort, especially when you note he immediately recognized the ballistic armor. Had the vest been under a shirt or jacket, he might have spent several of those much-needed rounds into the vest (assuming it was threat level III or better). Have at least a few magazines ready to go when the balloon goes up. Had he done this he probably wouldn’t have gone quite as dry in his first mag, and he could have done a tactical reload in the pursuit.

Of course none of these would have changed the outcome, as it went as well as anybody could have hoped, but I don’t think anybody likes how light on ammo he was at the very end.

#2. The killer had a Bad Conduct Discharge for domestic violence. That’s TWO strikes against him, and he still passed a NICS Check when he bought his guns. Knowing what I know about the story, the police didn’t arrive until after this bastard had died.

Government did NOTHING that day, it fucked up or couldn’t respond when needed.

The killer used an AR, and the man who took him out used an AR. The gun is a tool, and tools can be used for good or for evil.

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