Some Changes on the Battlefield of Gun Control

So you probably have heard already, Dan Gross of the Brady Campaign has been replaced.

No word on what the terms of Gross’ termination are, but I suspect it wasn’t amiable.

Before Gross, Brady was lead by Paul Helmke. See Brady had been kicking our asses leading up to the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and they wanted to create a narrative that gun control is a Bi-Partisan issue. So they hired Helmke, the soft-headed former mayor of Ft. Wayne Indiana, and a rather definitive RINO.

Fast Forward to 2010, and the Federal AWB is out, Most states have passed some form of Concealed carry, and every prediction of “Blood in the Streets” turned out to be, instead, a falling crime rate. Also the handful of anti-gun Republicans either defected from the cause, or hushed up.

Since all the anti-gun groups operate off of a small number of high-dollar donors (Vs.Groups like the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation who survive off of lots of small donations), and it’s safe to assume ALL of those high-dollar donors were “Progressive” Democrats, Paul Helmke’s Republican affiliation had become a liability.

In 2012 they fired Paul, and took on Dan Gross, a “Progressive” New York ad Exec. Paul was so committed to the anti-gun agenda he has never made another public anti-gun statement ever since he stopped getting paid to do so….that’s how deep those waters run.

Now Dan Gross’ GENDER is the liability, and the Brady Campaign is now being helmed by two female “Progressive” Beltway Lawyers.

Of course the spiraling decent of the Brady Campaign led Collin Goddard to jump ship, and join forces with Daddy Bloomberg. This whole shakeup got me thinking about if Collin’s Dad, Andrew Goddard was still a Million Mom March chair.

Well I can’t find ANYTHING on Andrew, but Collin has a public Linkedin profile.

Looks like he isn’t with Bloomberg either…I wonder what happened. haven’t heard anything from him since he left.

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  1. Dan Gross’s entire mission was to fundraise his paycheck. That’s the only reason they hired him. He was successful raising funds for his old anti gun group, Center to Prevent Youth Violence. Brady merged with them and took Gross as their new president because you’ll remember that they were about bankrupt even then. Well it looks like no one is giving money to anti-gun groups anymore.

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