Another Interesting Local Story

New Hampshire Store owner will no longer serve Republicans:

DERRY — A store that fixes Apple products in Derry says it will not serve Republicans.

The Used Apple Store posted to its Facebook page on Monday that the company will refuse services to those affiliated with the Republican party.

While Derry is in Southern New Hampshire, it’s still a area that has quite a few Republicans. Honestly I could care less that he wants to do this. I’m not a Republican, but it’s a really stupid move, and somebody who is that stupid will likely do something stupid things, so I would withhold my business.

That being said there’s this:

If you affiliate with the Republican Party you are not welcome into our store. We will not offer you service. If you come in anyway, I suppose you could sneak in but we will probably know. In fact, we can point out a Republican just from the way you look in person or in a photo. Once I tried doing this and realized I could. We put to a test and told 30 random people that we were guessing Republican or not and all 30 I was correct. You have an uptight, closed energy, negative aura to you… almost evil, and to be honest, usually evil. You also lack a psychic gateway to technology.

That sounds like straight up psychosis, and a psychosis that is applying “Evil” to approximately half of this country. I try to avoid people who are having a psychotic episode, and certainly one that might confuse me with somebody who is “evil” and out to do him harm is not a recipe for safety.

So thanks for warning us, bucky….oh and Southern New Hampshire Democrats, beware because you never know when you might be mistaken for a Republican Pod Person trying to steal his precious bodily fluids. Stay away!

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3 Responses to Another Interesting Local Story

  1. Divemedic says:

    It’s also entirely possible that, since he is judging based upon looks, that he has set himself up for an unlawful discrimination suit.

  2. Ratus says:

    “…a psychic gateway to technology.”

    That’s not how that works, that’s not how any of this works.

  3. Theo says:

    Wow. Christian bakers should do that with gays.

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