Speaking of Police Dropping the Ball

Also added to the “Gun Death” Files, from Massachusetts:

In 2012, a former schoolmate said he reported **REDACTED** to Winchester school administrators as a possible “threat to student safety.” In September, **REDACTED** told police he was hearing voices in his head and thought about hurting himself, court records show.

On Saturday, authorities say the 23-year-old brought a 10-inch knife to his local library and slashed a young woman to death in a seemingly random attack.

He probably could have also bought a gun, even here in Massachusetts, but the cool thing is he didn’t NEED to, he just got a knife…..BTW a knife that is illegal to carry in Massachusetts!

So yeah, ban all the guns!

The antis might note that he only killed one woman and injured another man, but I will point out that Parkland was so rare that it has been NATIONAL news for weeks, meanwhile this story is big news here in Massachusetts, but small potatoes on the national scene, why, because some nut murdered somebody with a knife in your state too. Hell it’s only such a big story here because it was a random attack, if this had been a domestic assault, or a a “Drug deal gone bad” it wouldn’t even be news!

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3 Responses to Speaking of Police Dropping the Ball

  1. Maureen says:

    Also big news because it happened in a library in an affluent community. Library director on the news last night said something along the lines of ‘we don’t check out everyone who comes through the door’ and I thought two things:
    1. Well, there’s your problem.
    2. WWBD? (What would Breda do)?

  2. ProudHillbilly says:

    The oldest branch of my family here in the US, the Feltons , landed in the Boston area in the early 1600s. Two of their houses still stand as part of a park outside Boston. I’ve wanted to do a history pilgramege to Boston and to our ancestral houses for years. But MA has become so hateful towards freedom that George III would be appalled and I refuse to bring my money there.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Ironic that the land that spawned the Boston Tea Party now has such an alarming tax base, as well as fees and permits for damn near every activity a free American can do.

      They would be ASTONISHED.

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