Anti-Gunners: Like a Broken Record

Well first a sad note:

Eight people were slain in Boston in a span of 10 days, including a 24-year-old woman police said was fatally shot Monday night sitting in a car outside an apartment building on Charles Street in Dorchester.

Her death by multiple gunshots, police said, came at approximately 9:35 p.m. raised the city’s 2018 homicide toll to 47 — four more slay victims than on the same date last year.

The Violence in Boston is no joke. Unfortunately the politicians here ARE a joke:

“We’re looking into the past histories of some of these folks that have been involved in these shootings — the people who have shot and the people who have been shot,” Walsh said.

“Again, these are eight incidents that we are not happy about. It’s a pretty tough situation when you think about how do we get to the bottom of it.”

Police have confiscated 581 firearms this year, according to department spokesman officer James Kenneally.

“We’re taking guns off the street, that’s not the issue,” Walsh said. “The issue is too much access to guns.”

That’s Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, successor to Mayor-For-Life (Literally, unfortunately) Thomas “Mumbles” Menino, who was the Co-Founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns with none other than Michael Bloomberg. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has since been Re-Branded to Everytown after a bulk of their mayoral constituents went to prison.

So yeah Marty Walsh is insanely anti-gun. What is insane is that Massachusetts is by my measure the MOST anti-gun state in the country. People might claim that California has that award. Nope, In California you can buy a gun without a permit. Both states will refuse to issue permits if you live in high-crime areas, even if you are a good person, and EVEN if you have documented threats against your life. Both states have a “Handgun Safety Roster” where common firearms are not legal for sale….tho given that you can’t legally buy a new Glock in this state, I would give an advantage to Massachusetts….Boston cops carry Glock 17 and 19s, but I can’t buy one because they “aren’t safe”. California has a draconian Assault Weapons ban requiring all sorts of crazy modifications to the gun to make it comply….Massachusetts you cannot own most semi-auto rifles, and technically you can go to prison for a gun you and everyone in the state thought was “Compliant”. There is such a thing as a “California Compliant AR-15” there is No such thing for Massachusetts.

Further Boston is one of the cities where the Chief of Police WILL not issue a non-restricted permit and while I haven’t read of any specific cases of a law-abiding citizen being denied a permit for frivolous reasons, the previous Chief of Boston PD directly lobbied the Massachusetts Legislature to make the Massachusetts FID (The Permit generally issued to 18-20 year olds, that only allows ownership of long guns not classified as “High Capacity”) switched from a Shall Issue to a May issue. This is how hostile to legal gun owners the political animals of Boston are.

Yet all of these egregious violations of the Second Amendment Rights of Bostonians and all Residents of Massachusetts, and we have an insane gun violence problem. Moreover when questioned the Mayor says the solution is less “Access To Guns”. You mean like in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont? Three of the most gun-FRIENDLY states in the country (The Most if Vermonters can repeal their stupid Magazine ban, and their denial of rights to people under the age of 21) who all have very low violent crime numbers.

I have literally had anti-gun nuts say to me “But can you imagine what the violent crime would be like if they DIDN’T have all those laws!”

Never mind that EVERY time a gun control law is repealed at WORST violent crime numbers stay the SAME….generally violent crime numbers go down.

So yeah Boston has a Violent crime problem, and the powers that be would rather do things that have been proven to make them WORSE rather than better.

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