Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 010: Promotion & Proliferation

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In This Episode

Erin and I discuss getting the word out:
… about the podcast. We’d like to have our listeners sharing ACP with others so that more people can enjoy the show.
… about Operation Blazing Sword, available swag, and the upcoming active shooter event. (Erin please flesh out the details of the event a little better for me)
… about your local Second Amendment groups who do the lion’s share of work for improving our rights. Join your local group, and get others to join as well!
One of our new contributors, Egghead, gives a primer on amateur (ham) radio.
I fisks a video of Robert Reich laughably called “5 Points to Counter the NRA”
David, our other new contributor, talks about being pro-gun in a massively anti-gun state in “Gun Lovers and Other Strangers”.
and Steve talks about crime and gun laws in the city of Detroit, and then about volunteering for Rick Ector’s group Legally Armed In Detroit where he helped instruct 700 women on the safe operation of pistols.

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Show Notes Can Be Found Here

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