Mass Shooting in Boston

What, you didn’t hear about it?

Yeah because rather than the FBI Definition, it’s the Anti-Gun Definition:

Boston was rocked by a burst of violence around midnight Friday, as five men were shot in two separate incidents, Police Commissioner William Evans said.

4 shot in one incident, one shot in another….BTW in the most anti-gun city in the most anti-gun state in America.

This will ONLY be talked about as one more stat in the raw numbers talking about how many “Mass shootings” we’ve had.

Because they are exceedingly rare when you go by the FBI definition where 4 or more people are killed EXCLUDING the attacker, but when you tweak it to the very similar sounding anti-gun lobby definition of “4 or more people INJURED INCLUDING the attacker” suddenly a jilted lover kills his wife and her boyfriend in the park, then shoots himself, and a bystander trips running away and you have a “Spree Killing”.

Of course even that story is rare, what we have here is a gang land attack where some hood-rat shot at a bunch of other hood rats, and managed to connect with 4 of them.

It’s Called “Monday” in the parts of America controlled by gangs and gun control.

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  1. paulb says:

    I do love a story with a happy ending.
    By all accounts, no one laments the loss of and lost time in the careers of 5 “aspiring musicians.”

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