Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 011: Feel the Love

Hello Internet!
In This Episode

-Erin and I talk about our friends on Patreon and how much we love them, and the giveaway we’re holding for a C-5 9mm AR lower from New Frontier Armory.
-Our main topic is the revelation that Florida may — or may not — have been conducting background checks on their Concealed Weapons Permit applicants.
-The Egghead tells us all about the benefits of a Ham Radio license and how to get one.
-Savage1R detours from cryptocurrency to talk about his new AR-15 project, the DB5000.
-Weer’d fisks part 1 of an anti-gun rant by sex advice podcaster Dan Savage (no relation).
-David talks about butting heads with very anti-gun people in New York from High School through last year.
-and Steve talks about some hazards on the job of being a PI, and how things can go from calm to crazy really fast.

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Show Notes Can Be Found Here

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