Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 012: Savagely Mistaken

Hello Internet!
In This Episode:

-Erin and I reveal a Patreon Loyalty Bonus on the C-5 9mm AR lower give-away.
-Erin plugs the ONE AIM community Seminar in Maitland, Florida.
-Our main topic is the armed citizen stopping a carjacker at the Walmart in Tumwater, Washington.
-The Weer’d Fisk is Part 2 of an anti-gun rant by Dan Savage of The Savage Lovecast.
-Egghead tells us about VHF and UHF ham radio, and what you need to get started transmitting.
-David gives us an overview of the convoluted and infuriating web of gun laws in the the State of New York.
-and Steve gives us a gear list for aspiring private investigators.

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Show Notes Here

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One Response to Assorted Calibers Podcast Ep 012: Savagely Mistaken

  1. Alpheus says:

    I’m listening to the podcast right now — and, in particular, Weer’d’s fisk. Hearing Savage’s “non-lawyer-approved” idea *immediately* makes me want to go out and buy a gun *right now*.

    I can’t do that for various reasons, but I don’t think anti-gun types really understand how pro-gun types react to legislative ideas that suggest we should ban guns….

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