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As I mentioned in the last post I attend the NRAAM as Press, it gives me better access to vendors, gives me access to the Press Room and it puts me on the NRA Mailing List. I don’t republish many of the mailers, but this one really needs more ink:

July 2018 Marks Biggest Month in Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program History

FAIRFAX, Va. – The NRA Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program reached another milestone in its 30th anniversary year, as the program fulfilled more requests for Eddie Eagle program materials in the month of July 2018 than any other month in program history.


The NRA provided more than 250,000 Eddie Eagle student workbooks throughout July primarily to law enforcement agencies throughout the nation, many of whom will use the materials to teach firearm accident prevention during community events, such as the National Night Out ™ this summer.


In the program’s three decades of outreach, more than 30 million children across the United States have learned NRA’s simple, effective firearm accident prevention principles. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unintentional firearm fatalities among children of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program’s targeted age group have declined almost 80 percent since the program’s debut.


Created in 1988 by NRA Past President Marion P. Hammer, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program is a gun accident prevention program developed by a task force made up of educators, school administrators, curriculum specialists, urban housing safety officials, clinical psychologists, law enforcement officials and National Rifle Association firearm safety experts. The program was founded with one mission: to teach children four simple, easy to remember steps so they know what to do if they ever come across a gun — STOP! Don’t Touch. Run Away. Tell a Grownup.


Impacting approximately a million children a year, the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has been utilized by more than 28,000 schools, law enforcement agencies, and civic groups. The governors of 26 states have signed resolutions recommending that the program be used in their school systems and the legislatures of 25 states passed resolutions recommending the use of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program.

Funds raised through Friends of NRA and distributed through The NRA Foundation enable schools and police departments to teach the program at minimal or no cost. The NRA encourages citizens nationwide to participate in heightening gun accident prevention awareness within their local communities. School administrators and faculty, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, and others interested in more information about the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program should contact the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program by email at [email protected] or call (800) 231-0752. Parents can visit to begin learning today!

My daughter has been taught using the Eddie Eagle resources and it works better than I would ever have imagined. This stuff can LITERALLY save your child’s life, both if you have a gun in the home, OR if you don’t. Your child could be in the home of somebody who owns guns and doesn’t store them as smartly as they should. Or as I mentioned on ACP, your child might encounter a gun in a place where you do not expect one!

Teach them safety and respect, it could save their life!

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