Bright: Movie Review

Not a long review, really just “See It!”

McThag has a great review up that got me to watch it.

Overall it’s a genera mash-up. It has some STRONG similarities with Alien Nation, when in the 1988 Film James Caan was a veteran cop who because of his lack of friends on the force was pressed into partnering with the first Alien police Detective (Played by Mandy Patinkin back before anybody knew who the hell he was). It was an AMAZING movie, and worked as both a great buddy-cop film as well as a Sci-Fi. And the film managed to work in some very obvious, but not heavy-handed talk on immigration and refuges, likely deeply influcence by the Mariel boatlift.

This film is VERY similar, but rather than a Buddy Cop Film mashed up with Sci-Fi, it’s Fantasy, and the new Detective is an Orc, there are also Elves featured prominently, as well as a TON of other fantasy monsters that make cameos or are referenced. This time the social allegory is race and culture, as the Orcs and Elves are just as American as the humans.

I won’t pick it apart, I’ll just say I love it, it’s a good Buddy Cop Film, good Acting (not something Wil Smith gives up every film) great directing, looks as good as any thratrical release, except this is Netflix so I got to watch it on my big screen in my pajamas rather than having to go out and watch on somebody else’s time line. (Also I got tired half way through, and went to sleep and finished it in the morning…God how many times I’ve nodded off during a film I paid money for!), and it has some humor, which I think all Buddy Cop films need.

Also the Makeup was AMAZING, Elves looked like Elves, not Hippies with big ears. I’ve always appreciated artist renditions of Elves that have body-types that are close-but not-quite human. The Orcs looked AMAZING, yet still very expressive.

I like the world they built, and it sounds like there might be more films, which I’m hoping for. You don’t need to be a Fantasy geek to enjoy it, but if you ARE a fantasy geek, I think you probably thought about an Orc with a Machine Gun….well you get to watch that.

Just do it!

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