“Gun Death” Massachusetts

Listening to the news this morning I felt compelled to put another entry into the “Gun Death” files.

First in Boston:

Sources say an arrest has been made in connection with a fatal stabbing near the TD Garden that happened as the Pink concert was ending.

…Officers were called to 10 Causeway Street at 10:40 p.m. They found a homeless man in his 50s suffering from stab wounds. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said the man was likely on the street for about 30 minutes before anyone called police.

No gunshots, so no “Gun Death”. Further I know this area VERY well, as the Boston Garden is on top of North Station which is the train station I use to get home when I’m in the city. Also the Garden is an easy walk to Massachusetts General Hospital. So the idea that if help had been called soon after the event, this victim might have lived isn’t an absurd one.

A bouncer at The Harp told the Boston Globe he heard arguing and then saw the victim on the ground.

Not sure if he knew the guy was on the ground because he had been injured, or given that the man is one of the countless homeless people who loiter around the Garden at all hours, possibly he might think a body piled up on the sidewalk is a normal thing, but he certainly saw the man down shortly after he was attacked, but a while before anybody was called.

And then there’s this horrible story out of Fichburg:

A severely injured 9-year-old whose 6-year-old sister died of an apparent beating told police they were attacked by “bullies” — but their mother is facing assault charges after police found a note on her saying “the children were bad and beaten.”

**SURVIVOR**, who police said suffered “serious injuries and bruising to his face,” also told officers his mother “had glued a wound on his neck closed with super glue,” and that his parents had told him not to call 911.

**DEPARTED** was pronounced dead after being found unresponsive in the family’s home on Stoneybrook Road, where the children were home-schooled.

Police said they observed “extensive bruising of various ages over her entire body.” Her brother said **DEPARTED** was unable to drink yesterday morning “and that his mother was mad.”

No idea if any weapons were used or just bare hands, but a little girl is dead, and her older brother could have also been killed as well.

And of course these stories are to shine a light on the bogus statistic of “Gun Death” used by gun control advocates. It shows how many brutal and horrible crimes aren’t counted, as well as showing what could replace “Gun Death” if all guns were magically vanished.

And when you look at the insanity in London where simple trade tools are being confiscated and the police are proudly parading scissors, and garden shears, as if they have done something worthy of praise. Never mind the “Scary” pocket knives and kitchen knives we take for granted here.

The anti-gun forces ARE coming for ALL the guns, but that isn’t their end-goal, their end goal is total control of society.

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3 Responses to “Gun Death” Massachusetts

  1. Angus McThag says:

    You missed the narrative hook in the second one.

    Home Schooling Must Be Banned! For the safety of the children, no child has ever been murdered while at… uh… a… um… public school… uh… Lemme check my notes on that again.

  2. fast richard says:

    That link to the London story is broken. The “g” in gunfreezone is missing.

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