Ammo to Go Massive Gel Test

Ok this is cool! Ammo to Go (A company I’ve done business with for years) has put up a massive gel test with defensive pistol ammo they carry.

They have Tests for 9mm, .40 S&W, .380 ACP, and of course .45 ACP.

Of course I immediately looked to see if they had my preferred carry load…they did.

Not too shabby!

You can read about their testing protocols here. .45 is tested with a 4.5″ Ruger SR45, The 9×19 was tested with an M&P Shield 3.1″, .40 with an M&P40c 3.5″ and .380 with the ubiquitous Ruger LCP 2.75″

It’s a TON of data, I do wish they had some revolver loads, but I also understand that my affinity for wheel guns is a bit of an aberration.

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