Robert Farago Does What We All Predicted

So back in 2010 a guy who I suspect knew very little about cars but a lot about building websites sold The Truth About Cars, and used that money to form a gun blog called “The Truth About Guns”

He then started a “Gun Blog” that didn’t know much about guns, and was fairly antagonistic to the second Amendment Field, including stealing stuff from bloggers claiming “Fair Use” (including from me) and generally being a jerk. He even hired an anti-gun drug dealer for a contributor!

I knew he would eventually grow tired of running his site like he did with the cars one, and eventually would sell out.

Well he did.

Of course the site isn’t “Clean” now, many of the former staffers under Farago are still running the site, and this fiasco is beyond the pale.

For those who don’t know or remember, After the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in France, Farago set up a shoot-house where the terror attack would be simulated, but there would be American CCW holders inside. He invited all the media to come and report on the event.

This would be awesome except the staff of the training facility both assembled the shoot-house AND played the terrorists. This both gave the bad guys more skill than the actual killers AND gave them intimate knowledge of the building. The Hebdo staff was played by TTAG readers from Texas…which meant that the people who “worked” in the office had spent less time in the Shoot house than the “terrorists”.

So the “terrorists” won, and the news reported that CCW would have done no good.

Of course TTAG staff later realized that some of the terrorists didn’t notice, or cheated when they were shot, and one man used a tactical light which the terrorists didn’t have. Further it was claimed there would be more “analysis” of film footage from the participants, that never came.

This media stunt was a direct attack on gun rights in this country, no different than ABC’s 20/20 where they gamed a campus shooter, except ABC doesn’t bill itself as a 2nd Amendment supporter. The fact that no staff quit after this event says the whole site is rotten to the core no matter who owns it.

But I am glad I won’t be seeing Farago at the NRAAM this year.

h/t MDev

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3 Responses to Robert Farago Does What We All Predicted

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I first met Farago in 2011 at the NRAAM. After he gave Alan Gura grief and demanded to know what guns he owned (as if it was any of his business), I knew then and there he was a blight on the landscape. Over the years my opinion never changed.

    • Mike Kirk says:

      I haven’t met the man but I read TTAG for a couple of years and was sucked in because I thought he was a conservative like me. Was I ever wrong. I used to comment off and on about different articles but suddenly I was being censored all the time. I stopped going to the site after I realized Robert was a dyed in the wool liberal leftist and the people he took under his wing were of the same caliber. He and they are like Anti-fa hiding under a mask, out throwing rocks and garbage cans through windows, when they can obscure their actions by saying” That’s not me ” and hope they can out shout any opposition to their actions. The site will go downhill once the light is shone on them.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Trust me, meeting him in person is just as disappointing. I don’t think his left-of-center politics is as much of a problem as the fact that he is a carpetbagger who injects himself into a group and claims to be an “Expert” when he is anything but, and then does whatever he can to gin up controversy and drama to bring in eyes, this isn’t helped by his Connecticut background where he feels such onerous gun laws are commonplace and “reasonable”.

        I’m glad to see him go, and I hold much of the current staff who was directly involved with him partially responsible for some of the damage he did.

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