Fair Winds, and Following Seas, Grandpa of Grandpa Kitchen

I had to title it a bit odd, because all of my grandparents are dead, this was the man behind the youtube channel Grandpa Kitchen. For those who never watched the video, he was a man from southern India who would cook MASSIVE amounts of food in an open field, and then travel to an orphanage and feed the children and the poor.

It was amazing to watch as a food nerd, but also heart warming.

Unfortunately the last few videos have been helmed by his son, as Grandpa was ill, and it appears that he has succumbed to his illness. I found the video of his funeral to be just as facinating and heart warming as his videos:

I say this whenever anybody I love or has touched my life has passed: All of us will die someday, the best any of us can hope for is to be missed when we are gone, and to be remembered long after. This memory is really a form of immortality. I’d say Grandpa did better than most in his life.

Best wishes to his family and to his channel moving forward!

To close I thought I’d post one of his cooking videos I really enjoyed.

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