If The Taser Doesn’t Work, Shoot Him in the Leg!

Found this video that shows another trope:

Taser shot and doesn’t work, the guy gets pelted with 12 gauge beanbags, and 40mm Less-Than-Lethal, and eventually one officer shoots him twice, once in the arm, once in the leg.

Have a look at the video, dude barely notices, and the police even cut the video because it takes him so long to realize he’s in mortal danger from that leg bleed.

Also note that if he continued to be violently crazy he potentially could have died from that wound. Hell if you remember this story, this poor guy was taking out his trash when a broken wine glass poked through the bag and slashed his femoral artery. He bled to death before he could get help, a bullet can do a LOT more damage than a wine glass.

So yeah, this is why we always talk about center of mass shots, extremity shots MIGHT work and MIGHT be non-lethal, or the might NOT work, and/or they might be lethal.

And of course the only reason why this arrest went as well as it did was because the cops vastly out-numbered the crazy. Had this been just a private citizen on a walking trail or taking out their trash, it might not have ended so well.

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  1. Beans says:

    Less-than-lethal has a poor reliability upon those who have messed up nervous systems, like people on serious drugs or those who are nerve damaged.

    Like this incident at the University of Florida in 2010:


    Synopsis: Dude with nerve disease goes loco, cops tase him, taser has no effect, he attacks cops, cops shoot him in the head, he stops. Trust me, the article doesn’t deal well with how much he was freaking out nor how ineffectual any less-lethal method was on him.

    We citizens don’t have the depth of coverage and the depth of tools to play the less-lethal, less-lethal, less-lethal, lethal game that cops do.

    And a lot of agencies have gone away from less-lethal because less-lethal doesn’t work.

    Think about that.

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