Pony Cocktail Love

So one night before Recording an Episode of ACP I had a rough day that culminated with my favorite Martini Glass just shattering in my hand.

I miss you, Blue Swirl.

So Erin declared that I should get a replacement glass with my favorite My Little Pony, which for me is Fluttershy.

Well I got it for Christmas, and I love it.

Here She is rocking a Yellow Bird with Grand Marnier in place of the Triple Sec to give it that nice rich hue.

And she is yellow and Pink, so here’s a High Five With Campari for even more pink…plus I don’t have any Aperol

Fun times!

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2 Responses to Pony Cocktail Love

  1. David Phillips says:

    While that is very nice, and I’m sure that you will enjoy many a fine drink, the true martini glass is the ‘Nick & Nora’ glass 🙂

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Very popular choice. Personally it’s my least favorite glass (outside of a totally inappropriate piece of glassware) I really just prefer the shape of a cocktail glass, it’s just how a cocktail should look. After that, most cocktail bars serve in Coupe glasses, and I do like the amount of surface area supplied by that style of glass.

      But growing up playing Leisure Suit Larry games mean I’m totally imprinted like a little duckling on that triangular glass shape!

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