Info Dump on the Kenosha Riots

There is a TON of information on the unrest in Kenosha and the resulting shootings.  I’m going to use this post as a dumping ground for all that information. Feel free to post more information in the comments, and I’ll add it to the body of the post.

So first is a good compilation of the two shooting events:

Kyle Rittenhouse Shoots three people, killing two.

First person shot was fatal, and he was Joseph Rosenbaum, and here is a link to his criminal record.
Also he has some unfortunate last words:

(Pardon for the dark humor, it was the most concise video I could find, link others in the comments if you have them)

Second man shot was also fatal Anthony M. Huber, who also has a criminal record

Third shot survived was Gaige Grosskreutz, also has a criminal record Image of a document here (I would love a link to the original. Grosskreutz was illegally in possession of a handgun at the time of his shooting.

And Kyle Rittenhause’s arrest

Rittenhause interview before the shooting (I’m looking for the unedited video)

Pierce Bainbridge Timeline of the day for Rittenhouse

Again I would love even more to put in here so put it in the comments or message me directly

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