Some Data on the Surge in Gun Sales sent me some data on the recent spike in Ammo Sales.

we first noticed a 54% sales increase on February 23, as the search term “coronavirus” started to gain traction, according to Google Trends….

When comparing 22 days worth of sales from February 23, 2020, through March 15, with sales from February 1, 2020, through February 22, our data shows these staggering statistics:

309% increase in revenue
78% increase in conversion rate
222% increase in transactions
77% increase in site traffic
27% increase in average order

My Dad was asking about why people would be buying guns and ammo “Does he think people are going to steal their toilet paper?” My short answer is “Yes”, when goods become scarce, their inherent value goes up, and the risks people might be willing to take to acquire them goes up. While rare there have also been incidents, there has been some violence at stores with people fighting over the limited stock.

But that’s the easy answer, many of us are sheltered at home to prevent the spread of the virus. But why? Hell many think it’s an overreaction because many other things kill more people every year. Except for look at the Hospitals in Italy, they are swamped. When people get sick they DON’T die most of the time, but they frequently need medical intervention, which soaks up hospital beds….then the nurses and doctors start getting sick….

My concern is what if my local police gets sick, they all work in the same station, and it’s not like there is a huge number of them, and they might arrest a drunk or a junkie, or a wife beater who has it….then they are riding one of those beds in the hospital, and maybe their partner gets it.

That’s a good reason to have lots of guns, and lots of ammo.

What’s really crazy is the run on .40 S&W…..

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4 Responses to Some Data on the Surge in Gun Sales

  1. Beans says:

    Why the surge? Between Democratic Candidates for the Presidency stirring gun control fears and actually yelling at people about seizing their guns, and politicians and people in the justice system openly saying they will not enforce the LAW, well, people are, yes, edgy.

    In high crime areas, people are suddenly waking up to the fact that the police and the prosecutors and judges and jails will no longer be working to protect them. Sure, the announcement may not include murder or armed robbery, but only ‘petty’ to ‘non-life-threatening’ crimes, but allowing those crimes will bring in an increase of the major-major crimes.

    Jack and Jill Homeowner or Renter have just discovered what so many of us have known for a while. The police aren’t coming, and will only get there after the bodies are already cooling.

    Get that? The Authorities are openly stating “We are NOT going to protect YOU.” Couple that with The Authorities openly stating “We are BANNING the objects you need to protect yourself.” And are muttering about seizing guns for the duration.


    Joe Schmuck and Jill Left-Brain are suddenly discovering the reason we have a 2nd Amendment, as damaged as it is over years of attacks by ‘well-meaning people.’ That the 2nd Amendment is what stands between the citizen and howling barbarians on one side and an overreaching authoritarian government on the other. With both forces out to destroy the citizen one way or another.


    The Run On Guns 2020. Not because of any existential threat (like the President and his administration talking about taking people’s guns away , like in 1993 or in 2009) but because of actual threats, of screaming hordes of neo-barbarians and of authority figures actually taking measures to stop sales of guns and the seizing of guns (using Red Flag laws, or the same type of orders that resulted in seizing of guns in New Orleans after Katrina.)

    Finally, enough facts have fallen into place that ‘normal’ non-gun owners have finally seen the light.

    Just wondering how far the light will shine, and how long the light will stay on in so many people’s pea-sized brains.

    We abrogated our rights of protection and maintaining the Law to government contractors. Now we have those contractors openly saying they won’t enforce the Law and protect the people whose rights are abrogated.

    And so, again, Gun Run 2020.

    It sucks for people coming very late to the game. But at least they are coming to the game.

  2. Joat says:

    Also this virus might be enough to stop Trump from being reelected, the none of the old white guys the democrat party are choosing from were likely to do that.

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