Some Revelations on George Floyd’s Death

So we all saw the cell phone videos:

Negligent and insufferable police officers killing George Floyd. I personally never saw murder, because I never saw malice, just negligence and indifference.

Now fast Forward to a few days ago, and the Body Cam video of George Floyd’s arrest was allegedly leaked to the press. It is a half hour long, and not an enjoyable one, I STRONGLY advise you to find the time to watch it.

After watching the video my big take-aways were:

1) Floyd was out-of-his MIND on drugs, and the police were well aware of this.

2) They were so aware that they called medical to cart him away and had no intentions of transporting him.

3) Floyd was constantly saying that he couldn’t breathe and was “Dying” while he was walking around under his own power. While this doesn’t say he wasn’t choked to death on the pavement, it certainly shows why the officers weren’t concerned when he said it in the cell phone videos.

4) Floyd was placed on the ground per HIS request and the police restrained him just to keep things under control until medical arrived.

5) I saw no evidence of lack of concern over their suspect in the bodycam as the officers at his back were monitoring his breathing, pulse, and color.

Now this, excuse the website, but the autopsy report is in the PDF viewer just above the clickbait ads.

According to the report, Floyd was still alive when he reached the hospital, and some of his blood samples were taken while he was still alive. Note that “Alive” might simply be the ambulance crew managed to get his heart and breathing going before he stopped breathing again and was declared dead.

Furthermore those samples showed that he was doped to the gills on Fentanyl, and only vertical because he was speed balling that with Meth. Toxicology showed 11 ng/kg for Fentanyl, and 19 for Meth. The report shows that Meth doses can go as high as 200, but for Fentanyl a high clinical dose is 3.8 ng/kg, so he was dosed high on a very dangerous drug. I wonder if the police had just confiscated his wallet and keys if they could have just waited for somebody to find the dead body, and collect him then without concern. I even wonder if, due to his heart problems in the report, if they had dosed him with NARCAN if the drug iterations with the meth wouldn’t have stopped his already weakened heart…..

The fact that I’m reading all this information NOW, is REALLY disgusting, and points to an even bigger problem.

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3 Responses to Some Revelations on George Floyd’s Death

  1. ProudHillbilly says:

    Thanks for posting this. I knew the body cam video had come out and it told a much more detailed story but hadn’t watched it yet.

  2. Beans says:

    Well, actually, this is exactly what the police said happened and what the preliminary autopsy showed. We knew what the police said within an hour, and the prelim within 24 hours, but by then all the officers were punished or fired, the media had teeth in the story and the agitators were agitating.

    This. This is exactly what was originally reported by the cops. That he was agitated, that he was acting weird, that he had a history of violence towards police, a history of drug use, and that while he was walking around shouting “I can’t breathe” he was still very much alive.

    What actually happened, and I’ve seen it before, was due to the drugs he took his heart was acting funny and basically in the last moments of functioning. He literally was a dead man walking, just he was so amped up on fentanyl, meth, weed and bad health that he was a prime target for the Corona and, well, drugs, bad health, bad heart, bingo.

    Now where are all the people apologizing for throwing the cops under the bus?

    (crickets… so many crickets)

    Where are the BLM people stepping back and saying they screwed up?

    (crickets… so many crickets)

    Yeah, thought so.

    The information was out there at the time of the incident and within 24 hours that he basically slabbed himself by his actions. And that the cops did everything they could to keep him alive.

    But..nooooo… It was a repeat of the Baltimore 6. And the newsies worked real hard to divert attention from George to the cops.

    And the knee hold, which works, has been used in psychiatric facilities for years safely, in prisons for years safely, on the streets for years safely, is vindicated.

    I am so sick of everyone rushing off to judgement or to push an agenda. The truth comes out, always, within 48 hours of a police incident. Usually within 24 hours the full scope is known, within 2 hours the basic outline is known.

    And so many bloggers who should have known better fell for it and went rampaging down the streets of the internet.

    Sickens me, sickens me it does.

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