Super Tuesday!

So for those who know me, you’ll know that I don’t follow sports,  but I DO follow politics, both in my own self interest, because those bastards write laws that effect how we all live,  but also just in the sheer amusement when it comes to watching two teams trying to get the best of each other.

So Super Tuesday this year is really kinda like the Superbowl.   It’s a heated race this year, there really are no good candidates in play,  and there is likely shenanigans afoot, and this is where we will first see Michael Bloomberg in an election outside of New York City.

So since it’s Massachusetts’ primary day, and I’m a registered independent, I get to walk into my polling location and pick a Democrat Ballot.

I’m going to be voting for Bernie Sanders, and I thought I’d list my reasons why.   They are numerous, and here they are in not exactly a particular order

  • Everybody in the November election has an anti-gun track record.   When it comes to campaign platform Donald Trump is the strongest 2nd Amendment Candidate.   When it comes to political action,  Bernie Sanders is actually the Strongest 2A Candidate….not reassuring, but it’s true.
  • I believe Bernie was the nominee for President in 2016 but Hillary and the DNC screwed him over.
  • Because of that I believe this country really does need a referendum on Socialism vs Capitalism,  and while I don’t like the players,  I do like the field that Trump v Sanders portrays.
  • I think the DNC is still playing games.  Klobuchar and Buttigieg both dropped out after the Saturday South Carolina Primary, which seems foolish given the proximity to Super Tuesday….but then they both endorsed Joe Biden.  Yeah there are games being played!    A vote for Bernie is a vote against the shenanigans of the DNC, and will also force the DNC to pull more Shenanigans.
  • I don’t predict Bloomberg dropping out, I think HIS game is to actually BUY the super delegates off and win the election through a brokered convention.   He missed out on all the previous caucuses and Primaries,  and note look at all the candidates who had to suspend their campaigns after just THOSE.   Bloomberg isn’t in this game to win democratically (and isn’t that Ironic given the party where this is a viable strategy).    This of course is disgusting, and shows the cancer within the Democrat Party.   A vote for Sanders is a vote for a brokered convention that will kill or vastly change the DNC, and I see that as nothing but a good thing for America.
  • I would LOVE to watch Sanders Debate Trump.
  • If we’re going to have a Socialist candidate, who better than a man nearing 80 years old who has never held a 9-5 job,  who’s first house had neither electricity or running water, and who is now a multi-millionaire with three houses, and a wife who likely lined her pockets with stolen money.     This is exactly how Socialists and Communists work.
  • I would love for the Democrat Nominee for President to be a man who has NEVER been a Registered Democrat!   This would be like having the Secretary of Defense be a draft dodger!

There might be more, but I’ll close with this one:


Ok! Now Everybody Get out and vote!!!

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