On Bernie Sanders

So I thought I’d put my thoughts down here.

Biden had a huge victory on Super Tuesday, I honestly didn’t expect it.

Now Bloomberg is out, and Warren is soon to be out as I type this. Now it’s down to Biden and Sanders. Now What?

May I direct you to 2016….

Sanders was a major contender against Hillary Clinton. She weaponized the Super Delegates against him, and rather than raising the spotlight on how rotten the Democrat party is, he took a dive…and bought himself a beautiful lake house on Champlain.

Now Bernie is back, and again he’s making a good run of it, what now?

Remember folks Bernie has NEVER held a 9-5 Job, the closest to Accountability he had was the Mayor of Burlington, which is a big city for Vermont, but it’s a small town. He has a reputation of being a do-nothing Senator, and when he had a chance to ascend to the highest office in the land….he took a dive.

Bernie doesn’t WANT to be President! He wants the Glory, he wants the Limelight, he wants the Graft, but he does NOT want to be the guy who has to answer to the White House Press Corps. He doesn’t want to have to sit down and negotiate with foreign leaders. He doesn’t want to have to write a speech about a national incident, knowing full well if he screws it up it will be his legacy.

Some good information here:

What he wants is to GET PAID. He got a nice house last time, and who knows how much more graft, he’s looking at another score! If I had to guess he’s already in talks with the DNC with what he will get for a peaceful surrender.

If I wanted to DEEPLY speculate, I would say Bernie is going to get himself a VERY nice house in South Florida in a gated community. He’s going to resign from the Senate, or maybe server out the remainder of his term, citing his retirement due to his advanced age, and his failing heart. Since he is no longer a Senator, he’ll sell the House in DC, and probably the one in Burlington. He’ll keep the lake house and his new acquisition in Florida and split his time there. I wouldn’t be surprised if his houses were bought by a DNC cutout for much higher than retail value.

Bernie gets his payday and to live out the last of his days in opulence. The DNC avoids a contested Primary AND they get to Emasculate Bernie (whom they hate) for being a Socialist living in Opulence while the poor sleep in the streets.

Biden becomes the Nominee and gets beaten like a Rented mule in November.

How close do you think I am?

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7 Responses to On Bernie Sanders

  1. David B says:

    I think you’re pretty spot on. I especially want the last part to be true, and for the house and senate to ride on President Trump’s coat tails.

    If the Bernie Bros torch a few cities as well? Bonus.

  2. Kermit says:

    Spot on, except for one detail.
    I don’t think Biden will be the nominee, either. I’m predicting he’ll be removed from the race for “mental health reasons” before the actual convention.
    The man is an obvious fool, and worse, has apparently descended into dementia. If they let him be President, they hurt themselves and their brand far worse than if he loses; better to pull him and replace with a candidate of their choosing.
    Who that would be, I have no idea. Some say Clinton again. Some predict Mini Mike will buy the nomination in a brokered convention. But it won’t be Bernie, and I seriously doubt it will be Uncle Touchy.

  3. paulb says:

    I hope to hell I’m insulated against having Bernie as a new neighbor. I live in the shadow of Mar-A-Lago, and the neighbors are awesome. Ben Carson goes to my wife’s church.

    I think most employed people feel the same way. Just keep the guy out of our hair.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I suspect if he was your Neighbor you’d see him as often as Mike Bloomberg’s neighbors see him. He will lounge by the pool while his “Staff” goes and fetches provisions, and the guests will give their name to the gate guard as they come by to hear the great revolutionary hold court!

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