The Dedication of The Anti-Gun Forces

Just a little amusing observation. So some might have noticed that Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser’s blog has gone dark. Turns out he mirrored it at because clearly he couldn’t think of a worse URL name, I guess.

I decided just for Lulz to email him, expecting my email (which I use in all blog comments until I decided to post as “Thomas Collins”) to be dumped in Spam, or MAYBE to give me an expletive-laced response, but I decided to send him an email about the change of Venue….clearly he didn’t look into it much or had totally forgotten me but he responded:

What happened was that I changed web hosting companies and forgot that the older company also held the .com domain. So when it expired and had to be renewed, they sent me a notice which I didn’t get so I didn’t renew the domain and the site went down.

Rather than waiting for what takes a couple of weeks to renew a domain which has expired, I grabbed another domain so that the site would go back up right away. As soon as I take the time to jump through some hoops I’ll own the .com domain again and then I’ll switch the website back to it.

Stay safe!!

Ok, so the .com name was coming back, and he’d just run the silly site…..except now this:

As of today I have published 1,477 blogs on this website which have received 3,992 comments from readers. As of tomorrow I will be decommissioning this website and transitioning my writing and publishing activities to my new blog, I have enjoyed my interactions with folks on both sides of the gun issue, but my own interests have now shifted to other topics which I would rather follow in terms of what I publish and talk about with friends.

He enjoyed interactions with both sides….but attacked and banned pro-gun people….but now he’s shifting topics away from Gun Bans to straight-up statist boot-licking. Seriously “Love the Deep State”, could you come up with a more maniacal name than that?

So yeah Mike Weissier has again wandered away from another venue. He hasn’t posted on Huffington Post in years, he attempted to form an anti-gun PAC a few years ago, and as far as I know, he doesn’t even teach firearms safety or own a gun shop anymore.

And now he has turned his back on Gun Control, you’re in good company Mike, many others have done it before, and we’ll be here fighting until your numbers are zero!

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