Why Must They ALWAYS Lie?

This appears to be a new campaign from the Anti-Gun Website Change The Ref. The Propieter of this website is on Manuel Oliver, who lost his son Joaquin in the Parkland School Shooting. Rather than turn his attentions to the flaws in law enforcement that did nothing to stop his son’s killer, he’s buddied up with Michael Bloomberg and has been appearing at many Bloomberg-owned events.
I spoke extensively about Mr. Oliver on The Assorted Calibers Podcast where he had commissioned a CGI Version of his son to demand young people vote.
Now he’s doing this:

So this isn’t a COMPLETE lie, but it’s about as close to one you can get. Both videos have a static images of rural convenience stores that advertise that they have guns. It’s fairly common in rural parts of the country to have a country store that sells everything from gas, groceries, live bait, liquor, and firearms. In the first video a youthful voice asks for a “Six Pack of Colt 45” and the store clerk refuses because he isn’t 21….but then he asked for “That Colt .45” and the clerk agrees to the sale.
The Second the youth is now buying a lottery ticket, but since he isn’t 18 the clerk refuses, but he asks to buy handguns….that’s ok!

Both videos close with what sounds like David Hogg saying “It’s insane you can buy guns in the same place you can buy liquor/lottery tickets” but also that you might not be old enough to buy those, you can still buy a gun.

Technically true, as there are several states where minor children can legally own firearms, many of them are rural states with strong hunting traditions, where kids go out hunting after school, or take their rifle or shotgun out into the fields to kill pests. But that being said, all the stores pictured, and any other similar store is required by law to have an Federal Firearms License, so all sales must adhere to the Gun Control Act of 1968 which means 18 for all long-gun sales, and 21 for all handgun sales, and a background check must be conducted…..as in MORE restrictive than lottery tickets or booze.

If anti-gunners had facts on their side, why are they always lying?

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