Adult Me Telling 5-year-old Me That It’s Ok

So I had a VERY random thought this morning….something about a creepy toy that I was obsessed with for a brief moment in time.

A few key search terms and I found it!

The Short-lived Manglor toy line!

The web presence is very light, but the videos are more common.

Man, I distinctly remember my Dad buying me one of these. I don’t know if it was Manglord or the Demon toy, I just remember it being Humanoid, and squishing and pulling it…..then, as the box said, I tore it apart and attempted to put him back together….first in a new interesting way…which didn’t work. Then I tried to put him back together….which also didn’t work.

I felt like I had done something very wrong. I took amazing care of my toys, and preserved even the smallest accessory that came with them. I was crushed. I assume the toy went into the trash after a few days of being dismembered and picking up every fleck of dust and dirt in my house.

Man I even remember having a nightmare that Manglord lived in the pond behind my house.

Well it’s OK little Weer’d you followed the instructions, and those jerks were scamming you. Further there is a reason why this is such an obscure toy line….

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